Kensington Gardens, London-28th November 2012

Location of Sighting: Kensington Gardens, London
Date of Sighting: Wed 28th November 2012
Time: About 6 pm
Witness Name: Natasha B

Witness Statement: I was walking in the park with my boyfriend and his dog on a very clear night looking at the stars. My boyfriend said a star is moving. I looked to see what seemed to be a plane or star with an orangey white light moving. It was either quite close and very slow or very high and moving fast.

I dismissed and ridiculed his assertions that it was a UFO and kept walking around the park looking at it sporadically.

My boyfriend says it was too high up to be a plane. We saw actual planes going past with several lights and the body of the plane very visible to the naked eye.

This was only visible as a light, it looked like a big star or a high flying plane with a big light on it possibly but you could not see the body of the plane if it was or it was too high up in the sky.

It could have been a satellite.

After walking for a while, about 7 mins, paying attention to it once in a while I looked at it again just as my boyfriend asked where it was. As it moved, all the while in a straight line, it seemed to go behind a cloud then vanish.

I said the plane must have gone behind a cloud but there were no clouds visible to the naked eye. I thought perhaps the plane turned it’s light off.

So it could have been a meteor, plane, satellite or something else travelling very high up, quite a big light, and with a light that stopped.

Just watched James Fox (?)’s documentary We know what we saw and wanted to share because my bf thinks it was quite a weird thing to see in the sky.


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  1. It’s hard to say what it was you saw, but James Fox has made some good UFO documentaries that certainly raise questions.

  2. Or a iridium flare?

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