Kings Lynn , Norfolk – 24th May 2016

Location of Sighting: Norfolk Kings Lynn
Date of Sighting: 24th May 2016
Time: 3:30am
Witness Name: Jules

Witness Statement: Really struggling to sleep eyes closed in and out of consciousness and generally a very confusing and not a nice experience so decided to get up and drink a fresh glass of water and stand outside and have a cigarette. Looked up in the sky and see two lights, thought nothing of them. Finished my cigarette and looked back up. Lights still in the same place. But slightly different to what you would normally see. The more I paid attention to them the more they stood out in the sky. So I thought to myself I’ll record them or take a picture because of their distinctiveness and as soon as I thought that they started moving towards the sunrise, speeding up with a very gentle sound behind them. My first unusual sighting. Found it very strange how they were sitting there and as soon as I though to take some evidence they started to swiftly move away.


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Updated: May 25, 2016 — 7:55 pm

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  1. Hello Jules
    My names Glen Richardson I’m a UFO Investigative Researcher from Hartlepool, UK. If you don’t mind I would really like to hear more about your sighting my contact details are THANKS

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