Kings Norton-15th July 2012

Location of Sighting: Kings Norton
Date of Sighting: 15th July 2012
Time: 11.00 am
Witness Name: Leigh Thatcher

Witness Statement: The story leading up this-i’m not going to go into, but the sighting itself is as follows. I went into the garden with my binoculars, looked up into a large blue patch of sky where there was nothing, within a second an object caught my eye within the blue patch that appeared like a long balloon, using the binoculars i noticed the object was in fact made up of several orbs, white and red, luminous and was contorting much like a caterpillar caught on a thread trying to free itself (thats the only way i can describe it). The object was stationary/didnt move with the wind. I called my wife who observed it along with my two children who confirmed what i could see. This occurred for around five minutes. The object then moved upwards past the clouds then out of site.


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  1. My missus and I saw it at about the same time from the Northfield area. It looked as described by Leigh, but I saw it without binoculars so couldn’t see any individual orbs. From my perspective, it looked a bit like an airport windsock, and was “wriggling”. When we saw it, it was drifting along with a cloud which was moving at the same speed.

  2. Some further information: My missus saw it first. She said the object was on its own, but the cloud caught it up, and then carried it along with it. She says the time was about 10:30 am, so it took a long time to get to Kings Norton, as we are on the boundary of Northfield/Bournville.

  3. Hello Gary, The time that i mentioned was only an approximation, so it could have been slightly earlier but it was definitely around both times we have stated. If i didnt have the binoculars i would have easily said it was just a stray balloon, or, like you said-a windsock, but looking at it through the binoculars, it was definitely neither of the two. The head of it was tilting back in on itself, but, i estimate the size of it to be around the height of a house, which in my understanding would have made the speed of the head tilting back quite impossible, plus, the tail of it was moving from side to side, it was verging on the organic, it certainly wasnt mechanical as there were no wires/machinery/propulsion/smoke/propellers..nothing… I am interested to know Gary, being that you have picked up this thread on this site, i presume you have had other sightings, i would be interested in sharing a few i have had recently (hence why the binoculars were at hand).

  4. Hello Leigh, I haven’t had any other sightings in our neck of the woods I’m afraid, but I have a look up sometimes. We were on our way out shopping, or I would have had my bins handy, and a camera with a 300mm lens on it. Still kicking myself with my bad timing.
    What else have you seen though? I’ll be keeping a more regular eye out in the future now.


  5. Thanks for replying Garry, well my first sighting was when i was younger when living in croydon in around 1986-ish, but the more recent sightings have literately been in the last six months.
    Around january time/11.00 approx I noticed a fleet of planes spraying chemtrails over Birmingham, nothing unusual there as its been going on for over decade (worth looking into if your particularly interested in ufo’s), but what was odd about this particular day is that the planes were going in a massive circle-coming up from the south east/circling well past kings heath then back again, maybe six or seven times, which in all took over an hour and a half.
    Anyway, i had a day off work so did my wife so we decided to go to kings Norton green for some shopping, on our way back i was commenting on the planes circling and spraying, however to the right/in the sky/south, i noticed what could only be described as a metallic object, circular/not a plane or helicopter, when i went to tell my wife, it had vanished completely.
    I resigned myself to the fact that it was a one off and so i didnt mention it (i go on about ufos a lot which can get boring).
    Anyway, we got in, and so i decided to go outside and keep an eye on the sky as what i was seeing was not making sense.
    Within the trail of one of the chemtrails that was fading i noticed a white orb suddenly appear, float along gently then blink out. This must have been around the size of a small round house maybe. Within fifteen minutes i noticed another, so then i got my wife’s attention and she witnessed two more with me. In the space of an hour and a half, i had seen a silvery object, then five or six silvery white orbs appear/float along then disappear.
    I reported it on another site and soon afterwards a guy in shirley had seen the same thing, i tried following it up with him but our posts were soon deleted and i havent been able to corroborate anything further, i’ll try and find something on it if has been reported elsewhere.

  6. That sounds interesting Leigh, hope you manage to find out more about it. If you do, put it on the forum here, and I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  7. I have just read your thread about the silver orb you saw in January, I live in Cotteridge, Birmingham, and I saw the exact same thing in December 2011. I was having breakfast with my children when my 5 year old son said “what’s that mummy?” I looked out the window and saw a silver/grey metallic orb going across the sky, south to north (heading towards city centre). I couldn’t explain what it was, it was very strange, I’m glad someone else has seen this!

  8. After witnessing a black flying saucer in 2010 in broad day light, the following summer of 2011, i witness a small silver metallic orb come “floating” out of a cloud, it hovered for about 1 minute then in 2 flashes of light it was gone…30 seconds later a small thin contrail appeared where it had been, and showed that it had zoomed to the right faster than the eye could see.

    one week later, me and my friend observed a large translucent orb being trailed by jets, i got out my camera and got a pick of that orb, to find later on, upon further inspection, i had also caught a picture of the small silver orb i had witnessed the week before hovering above my tree.

    i got the pic still.

    wonder why these things have been at my house 3 times??

  9. Gary, i was wondering if i could use your statement in a book i have almost finished writing about UFO’s, simply to back up what i saw?

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