Kings Park, Glasgow-14th August 2010

Location of Sighting: Kings Park Glasgow
Date of Sighting: 14th August 2010
Time: 10.40pm
Witness Name: Margaret

Witness Statement: On the 31st July 2010 I reported having seen strange noiseless, orange lights in the sky.
Last night again (2 weeks later) the lights appeared in the sky. They flew from South East Direction heading North West, they appeared to stop and then started climbing in a south west direction before they gradually faded and disappeared.
We have lived under the flight path of Glasgow airport for 33years and have never seen anything like this. I’m not sure I believe in UFO’s, could these be military excerises?
Should add there were 6 of these lights in total. My husband saw 2 beofe calling me and I saw 4.


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Updated: August 15, 2010 — 7:29 pm

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