Kingsnorth, Ashford-8th April 2009

Location of Sighting: Kingsnorth, Ashford
Date of Sighting: 8th April 2009
Time: Approx 10.00pm
Witness: Michelle

Witness Statement: on 08/04/2009 saw three orange lights fly in close formation in the vicinity of Kingsnorth just after 10 pm, flying from the directionof the M20.  They came to a standstill, which you could ascertain as a large plane was flying near them.  After aprox 5 minutes one of the lights faded to half light and then disappeared, then a second light did the same.  The third light stayed for a few minutes longer and then moved off, the light then disappearing.  I looked through the binoculars at these balls of light and could see no aircraft shape, only the bright lights.  These lights although very bright did not send beams of light out from them and were definately  moving together across the sky as if controlled by an intelligence.  There were no other lights attached to make us think they were helicopters.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. My wife and I saw the same 3 objects last week. Between 21:25 and 21:30 in the evening – alas no video or pics.

    Same desciption, slightly flttened triangular 3-d form.

    First one, then a minute later a second and then third [the latter two were visible together – so not a single object circulating]

    Bright, but deep orange light. Light bright enough to illuminate the space around it – but no visible form or wings or rotors. No traditional navigational lights visible.

    Low flight path, a fraction west of due north, heading west of Bromley town centre – draw a line from Biggin Hill to the west edge of Bromley town centre on Google and that is their flight path.

    All three objects followed exactly the same level path and height [visually marked against neighbours houses and trees]

    Much much lower than commercial aircraft [we get a lot Heathrow circulating traffic and some Biggin Hill which are much higher] – but silent [circulating aircraft at a higher level could still be heard with traditional navigation lights visible]. We have in the past had police helicopters over the area at the same height and they are extremely noisy with clearly recognisable navigation and / or search lights. These were no helicopters.

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