Kinlochleven, Highland, Scotland-30th August 2012

Location of Sighting: Kinlochleven, Highland, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 30th August 2012
Time: 23.14
Witness Name: Daniel Hazlett

Witness Statement: We live in a remote village, surrounded by mountains. From our back garden we can see what first looks like a bright flashing light. We used our video camera to zoom in on the light and noticed it is 2 lights, one red and one green with a sphere of light surrounding it. There is no explanation for this as there is nothing out there i.e. it can’t be a warning light or sitting on top of the mountain as it’s way above the tops. The light is flashing continuously and isn’t moving around, remains in one position. I will try to take a video of it now and upload it.


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Updated: September 3, 2012 — 8:36 pm


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  1. Do you not think the green and red lights are a clue? Port and starboard lights on aircraft?

  2. Don`t patronise Peter its not nice. I think the words `remains in one position’ are not describing an aircraft. I can be supportive of Daniel`s report because it is exactly like an object I have been seeing for 12 months now. This object can strobe different colours, remain perfectly still in the sky, remain silent, and appear/disappear at will. Daniel, I won`t doubt you will see it again.

  3. Alan, if you’ve been seeing this object regularly for 12 months post a picture/video of it. An aiicraft flying towards you from a distance, or helicopter hovering may well have port and starboard lights visible. I noted your comments to other people on this site who don’t believe that someone’s account didn’t automatically mean the person was watching a true UFO, some people are a little more cynical especially when they read multiple spectacular sightings by one person.

    Look forward to some video/pics Alan. Daniel, please post video so we can have a more accurate basis to judge your sighting by.

  4. Am looking forward to seeing the video.

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