Kirkcaldy-Fife-Scotland-2nd January 2009

Location of Sighting: Kirkcaldy-Fife-Scotland
Date of Sighting: 2nd January 2009
Time: 6-7.00am
Witnesses: Lindsay

Witness Statement:around 8pm we saw a orange oval shaped light in the sky, we stopped to have a closer look and got some footage on my mobile,we watched it for around 5 mins then we had to leave… but around an hour later driving toward the esplanade we saw another 4-5 together above the water which looked to be stationary then all of a sudden just disappeared, i just watched a video on itv news of a light in the sky which is suspected too of hit a wind turbine well that light is what we saw. got me completely puzzled.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. the above sighting date is 2nd january 2009 not 8th as stated

    Lindsay-your record has been corrected
    Sightings Editor

  2. Just thought I’d see if anyone saw what I saw on 2nd Jan. It was about 8.15 pm on Link Street, Kirkcaldy 5 bright orange lights in sky each oval shaped light moved slowly, and in perfect formation, over me and then disappeared. This is similiar to Lindsay’s sighting.

  3. yes ron this is what i saw i wasn’t exactly sure what the times were never thought to look at the clock, i was comming down dunniker road at the time when i saw these ones you’ve seen. the 1st one i saw i had pulled over just off fairisle road weird eh.

  4. On christmas night 08 i saw 5 orange oval lights in the sky, they came over the forth over my head then shot up into the sky. they came in sets of 2 then 1 on its own.
    they also followed the same path, this was in burntisland.
    the time was 5.30pm

  5. On the 13th January at 7:00pm I saw one orange oval light, flying from Dunfermline area along to Kirkcaldy in a straight line, I watched this for about 10 minutes until it finally disappeared into the distance. Where I’m situated I usually see a lot of flights taking off and landing at Edinburgh as well as military flights, what struck me was that this flight was not on the usual flight paths, and usually you can hear the planes engines, this made no sound. My only theory is that the UFO was either military testing new secret equipment or was not of earthly origin.

  6. My mother saw this same thing many years ago whilst living in Burntisland. I’ll tell you something else though, about 8 years ago, me and 2 friends were camping out at The Point in Burntisland. 2 of us got up to take a leak when we were disturbed by this round shaped object sitting on the water. It had white and red lights and just sat there. We were about 1/4 mile from it and it made no obvious sound. In no hurry, it “hovered” towards Starley Burn and slowly crept up the boat ramp and stopped at the steel gate which now resides there. it levitated above the gate and continued on the forest path towards Aberdour. Then it vanished. My friend turned to me and said “Did you just see that” and i asked him the same thing. to this day i can’t explain what i saw. the two of us couldn’t have imagined the same thing and we were to young to be drinking and what not. people don’t believe me when i tell this story. i still talk to this old friend and he remembers it as i do.

  7. hey laura on christmas me and my uncle were on our way to pick my cousins we saw 1 oval orange light in the sky above the hilltown in dundee then it disapeared now nearly every night across in fife we see the same thing and the other week the were 3 of them in the shape of a triangle then all of a sudden they shot away at the same time we will try and get some footage and put it on youtube and let you all have a look.

  8. Hey, I saw 5 green lights in an ovel shape turning round in perfect formation, then two of them joined up with another to make a triangle then slowly disapeard.This was in Dunfermline on the road whare the hospital is.
    Also i saw a ufo in Edinburgh, i was in the car and going round that road called “the doghnut” beside the airport. theres a small wood on the right of the doghnut and as i was driving round i saw a stereotypical shaped ufo. it was circular with a bump on the top, black/silver, blugh lights bleeping all the way around the circular edge and it was slowly hovering into the trees, the trees were blowing like crazy.

  9. i acctully saw it plz belive me it was a disk with a green light going about 150 mph and the hull wasnt welded it was riveted and the metal was in sections hense riviting

  10. the comment made by mr .m i saw the green light at the point burntisland cuz i live there time 8:30 pm im only 13 but i was amazed and freaked out at the same time i cant describe my feeling and i saw one lying on the water too and when i tell my freinds at school they luagh at me

  11. Did anyone see 4 or 5 orange lights last night at about 7pm, they were weird .

  12. Hey Kerry, me and a friend saw the same things at 9:15 on the 26th dec in dundee! seven or eight bright orange lights following each other then stopping and after a few secs they got smaller and disappeared as if they were going up into the sky.
    and i’m a skeptic!!
    p.s. it was not chinese lanterns, that’s for sure

  13. I also witnessed one large organge lit spherical object in the sky in Barnhill, Dundee on the 26th December 2009 around 6.40pm ish. I was with my daughter who could see it too.

  14. we witnessed on Dec 31st 2009 bright orange objects in the sky from around 6.40pm and then again around 10pm.
    the sky was clear and a full moon, they all came from the same direction and came much faster than a plane. they seemed to then hover before taking off at a speed.
    we did manage to capture them all on camera.

  15. Chinese lanterns can look like the UFO’s you have seen , but some , set them free and watch them as they go 1000+ feet in the air , they hit fast movign air flows which whisk them off at speed sometimes , before they eventualy burn out and fall unlit back to earth .

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