Kirkcaldy-Fife-Scotland-2nd January 2009

Location of Sighting: Kirkcaldy-Fife-Scotland
Date of Sighting: 2nd January 2009
Time: 6-7.00am
Witnesses: Lindsay

Witness Statement:around 8pm we saw a orange oval shaped light in the sky, we stopped to have a closer look and got some footage on my mobile,we watched it for around 5 mins then we had to leave… but around an hour later driving toward the esplanade we saw another 4-5 together above the water which looked to be stationary then all of a sudden just disappeared, i just watched a video on itv news of a light in the sky which is suspected too of hit a wind turbine well that light is what we saw. got me completely puzzled.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. I live in Glenrothes and just belows the Orion constellation was two orange lights around the same size of the north star, on looking they appeared to move simultaneously towards and away from each other before vanishing and re appearing.
    My parents live in the country by Ceres and have called to say witnessed the same thing although they can see more up there and infact hear a drone. They have also stated that they now see the RAF Leuchars air crafts and helicopters circling the proximity of these said lights. I firmly believe they are NOT lanterns. Can anyone offer any other explanation or has anyone seen this too?!

  2. Hi there, I live in Dunfermline and myself and my friends and family have also seen lights like this, but have seen lots of them many times since just before Christmas. I saw another 2 this evening 1 of which looked a little like a hot air balloon and was quite low and then moved very fast when we stopped the car to have a look. This was between 9.30 and 10.00pm. Has anyone else seen this, or can give me more information as to what they could be?

  3. did anyone see the ufo orbs last may in the falkirk area of scotland, the media reported then as Chinese lanterns but i witnessed one at about 300 ft and it was no such thing!
    it was a pure white orb about eh size of a small car and was traveling under its own power, in height it was very close to the ground, possibly 250 ft if headed towards the grangemouth power plant before i lost sight of it, i checked for reports the next day and found many people witnessed this too.was 3 oclock in the morning this encounter..

  4. you do realise this is all fake the people are making the whole thing up

  5. i am looking for witnesses that saw one or more ufo orbs in the Falkirk area of Scotland last may around 3 o clock on a Saturday morning , i witnessed one myself from a v close distance and i am looking for more witnesses to confirm the sighting, the media reported them as Chinese lanterns but the one i saw was no such thing, i was only 250 ft away from the things, was a fascinating sighting ..

  6. Melanie MacDonald

    I was coming home after grocery shopping in leven Fife at aroung 9.20pm on the evening of Saturday 03/04/2010. I drove from Sainsburys heading towards Kennoway, when I looked in to the sky and saw an orange thing in the ske. I stopped my car and got out to have a look. My first thought e=was is a plane on fire in mid air, as I watched it it appeared to glow like it was on fire, it hovered and was an oblong shape. a few seconds later it moved a few hindred feet then stopped and the orange colour seemed to be less bright and you coulf see the sahpe then being triangular. After a few more seconds the orange shape then became brighter again and appeared to flash, it then just disappeared. The sky was very bright with stars with no cloudfs in sights. What a weird experience. I know there will be a simple answer to this.

  7. Hi,
    I have already sent in details of the UFOs we saw from my house in seafield Kirkcaldy at the end of January 2010.
    My wife and I saw another ufo on Friday night the 9 April 2010 at 9.15 pm.
    It was a large orange light which travelled from south of Edinburgh direction travelling north east along the Forth Estuary at a good speed much faster than the Planes travel going into or out of Edinburgh.
    It seemed to hover over the water south of Kirkcaldy.
    When I looked at it through high powered glasses it appeared to be a large triangle with the point upwards and orange flames from underneath it then headed up into the sky going south east over the north sea and disappeared.


  8. Hello David,

    Over recent weeks, it looks like the BTs (‘Black Triangles’, which people in-the-know seem to attribute to the NWO) have started copying what the authentic ‘Fiery Light In The Sky’ makers were doing.

    There is a photograph at the weekly ‘Filer’s Files’ report of a black triangle with a big, fiery blotch painted (flourescent, or similar) or illuminated on it’s underside. The NWO are keen copiers of things.

    See ‘South Carolina Triangle’:


    Remember, it was a DISC (classic ‘UFO’ saucer ‘ oval shape) shape which was observed right next to the ‘fiery lights’ when these ‘visual encounters’ began; NOT a triangle shape.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this. My building may be ‘vibrating off its hinges’ tonight. Batten down the hatches.

    People who have studied ‘Uk UFO Sightings’ website over the past 12 months, approx, will have noticed many, nice-looking, and possibly friendly Craft appeared all over the place, making friends, enthusiasts, and admirers all over the UK. Then the dark, and broody BTs started appearing.

    There are even several reports where a chase, and/or ‘stand-off’ situation, has been going on between the two sides.


  9. hi michael
    i agree with you on this.also,have you noticed how very recently there have been more and more sightings of red rather than orange lights,and a few sightings of pyramid shaped objects as well?.

  10. I have also seen an orange ball in the sky in glenrothes (fife) it was movin forward then a little back

  11. Tonight (Tuesday 27th July) at 23:15 till about 23:35 we saw about five points of light moving across a clear sky in what can be best described as erratic. Objects could be satellites but the stars were not wavering so I can rule out atmospherics as a posibility. One object seemed to be stopping and jumping across the sky and at one point two of them almost crossed paths? Anybody Over in Fife see this? I’m in kirkcaldy. Way too high to be planes as illumination of objects looked like sunlight so they are obviously very high altitude?

    Also, satellites to my mind seem to only be visible if you look straight up at 90 degrees but these were between 45-60 degrees. Any ideas please post what you guys/gals think?

  12. My son and I just saw a bright orange light moving very fast above Templehall, Kirkcaldy. No sound whatsoever. Any one else see it?

  13. Saw something strange in the sky last night as I was walking home from getting a takeaway at roughly 6pm. It was what looked like a triangular shaped object with orange-ish lights going over Methil towards the Forth river. It went in a straight trajectory towards the river as though it was crash landing. Half way down it changed from a triangle shape to a small orange dot which grew brighter. It disappeared behind the massive RGC shed and I never saw it again. My first thought was it was a plane or helicopter but due to the speed and decent it was falling at I then thought meteor or even a satellite but the triangular shape and colours made me think otherwise. Any one else spot this?

  14. Kelly, the lights you describe moving towards and away from each other are exactly what I saw the same night. Infact, they were in the sky long enough for me to go in to my house, tell my wife and she came out and saw them too. They were in perfect harmony moving to and away from each other at high speed and very sharp angles ( so definetley not jet planes ). I never heard any sound and they both veered off to the east after making 5 or 6 ‘diamond’ patterns between them. They were also orange, this makes me think I saw the same thing. I live in Kirkcaldy so it’s a good possibility

  15. I’m back garden last night with friend, saw a single ball of constant orange light moving southeast over inverkeithing heading along the coast. Remained constant and on continuous trajectory.

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