Lake District, Cumbria-29th September 2013

Location of Sighting: Lake District, Cumbria
Date of Sighting: 29th September 2013
Time: Early morning
Witness Name: Richard Smith

Witness Statement: i, my name is Richard Smith and i live in Cumbria, England.

In the early hours of yesterday morning i captured a strange light on camera and i wanted to show you guys to see what you think.

I have attached the initial photo i took from my window and also the video i shot through my telescope.

The object was much brighter than any of the other stars as you can see from the photo.



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Updated: October 3, 2013 — 10:32 pm


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  1. Could easily be a tethered helium balloon with flashing LED’s attached.
    In fact any-one could easily make one of these.

  2. Hi, I cannot see the video. However, in the still picture its not a reflection of the light spec in the bottom of the picture. There is also a contrail next to the light in the sky?

  3. Wow…. Good video Richard! That looks very strange! They don’t look like stars and in any case…if they were, we’d surely be able to see other stars in the sky! I couldn’t make out much in the photo, but when I enlarged it, there appears to be a contrail running through the circle, as though a plane had passed. It could just be a mark on your window, but if not, I wonder if the pilot saw anything! We’ll probably never know though, unless he reports it on here! Very interesting……Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. The obvious questions: what happened next? How long did you observe it for? Did it move from its position? All we have is a light in the sky – there are plenty of those – can you give us more to go on?

  5. Hi Richard,
    Very interesting picture (and video in particular) – I am no expert, – but it may have been a distant laser display – otherwise, I have no real idea! Thank you for sharing it with us -Paul

  6. Can you be more precise about the time of the pic and the video, Richard? This may help to establish a link between your sighting and one which has not yet been reported here. Thanks!

  7. This is Very much what my first sighting was like , thank you for sharing, the size and way this sphere is giving off an erratic light display is a lot like what i seen. The details of most of my sightings are in the link provided.

  8. Hi guys.

    I watched the object for about half an hour before I had to leave for work. It was totally stationary the whole time. The line is in fact a mark on my window.

    I am just as interested as you guys as to what this is. I did consider the idea of an LED kite or balloon but it would have to be a very large one judging from the distance the object was away. Also if it was surely it would have some movement at least?


  9. Having viewed the footage, this looks like a reflection on the glass.

  10. Ok lets analyze this video and the photograph – first off you say the light was brighter than all the stars in the sky (see pic) but then closer inspection to the video shows this actually a pretty dull light with flickering faint LED neon type lights that in my opinion you would not see this as a “brighter than all the other stars in the sky” .
    It surely would hardly be visible from the naked eye ..

    So is this the same light in the picture than the video shows? Im not so convinced however if the video is real its certainly strange footage but like a previous comment was made “Could easily be a tethered helium balloon with flashing LED’s attached.
    In fact any-one could easily make one of these.”

    Thanks justin

    Btw im not a sceptic i have seen unexplained crafts thats why im here and there is nothing more i would love than this and all other events recorded to be real and no hoaxes ..

  11. I Also have a few still photos i took through the telescope which are pretty interesting. If admin want me to send them over they can put them up too.

  12. Caz, please don’t used this forum to spread contrails conspiracy theory nonsense.

  13. Peter, you’re confusing contrails with chemtrails

  14. This is the reflection of a plasma lamp on a window.

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