Large Black Disc-Heckmondwike-Early 2000s

Location of Sighting: Heckmondwike
Date of Sighting: Early 2000s
Time: 9-10pm
Witness Name: Richard Slocombe
Witness Statement: I had just arrived at home after being out with family. I was around 11 at the time. We were walking down the drive way to the house when I looked up and so a black disc it was pretty large in size. It had white lights on the underneath going in a circle and in the middle was a red little. It mad no noise but I do recall hearing a hum. My mum and dad were with me and the time but when I told them to look the drunkenly shrugged me off. The disc moved over the houses close by and was gone. Like I said I was 11 at the time. I was not drunk or anything. And I swear by what I saw that night.


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  1. Emley Moor, West Yorkshire, (Not too far from this sighting); has continued recently to have regular, remarkable sightings of brightly lit/coloured lights saucer shape craft and Triangles. & an unusual semi transparent ‘figure of 8’ type craft of sorts, around the night skies. & a couple in daytime.
    One man had his legs badly burnt after an Xmas time encounter with a craft and a strangle glowing mist.
    I a couple of nearby villages, some folks won’t go out alone at night, as cars have been ‘followed’ by such craft and ‘big bright lights’.
    If you definitely want to see unexplained Aerial craft, lights and other strange events; Emley Moor is easily accessible and has a huge TV transmitter there visible for miles around.
    Hope you get to see them, as I did and it has blown my mind.

  2. Hi Richard
    My name is Glen Richardson I’m a UFO Investigative Researcher from Hartlepool, UK. I would really like to hear more and possibly investigate your sighting. Please email me on or file the report on my website It will also be a big help with my research. Thanks


    Glen Richardson

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