Large Bright Craft- Lockerbie-Scotland-2002 to 2005

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
2002 to 2005
Witness Name:
Mary H
Witness Statement
I would like to connect please with anyone whom may have seen the same as me on return from travelling back from Glasgow around the Lockerbie area, as I cannot get this out of my mind……..sorry I am not certain yet of the exact date, but it was after 2002, maybe around 2004? It was right at the side of the A74 near to Lockerbie at around 2am, when I was travelling south I suddenly was aware of a very bright light in front of me and up to the left behind some trees around 30 feet high (I have been on street view recently and I think I can identify the area still) the light was extremely bright and it seemed to be around 30 feet or so wide, there was a car travelling in front of me but this was quite a distance away, but I could see that it had slowed down also, so it must of seen the same as me. As I approached it, it then suddenly rose higher and moved forward so that I could see it for a split second and I could see it was a round large shape and had windows underneath it sort of sloping inwards and all around it, it then shot off upwards at a speed that nothing in this world could of done…….but then before it entered space it sort of did a dance from side to side…..sort of showing off…and then it just disappeared into nothing……into space…..I never at the time reported this as I thought that no one would believe me………then the next few days it was reported on the BBC news that unexplained strange lights were seen over souther scotland that same night and it was also in the Scottish Sunday post reporting the same. I would love to hear from anyone who seen this on that night too.
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