Large Brilliant Bright Light, Dunoon, Scotland, 1st May 2020

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Date Of Sighting :
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Toby Adams
Witness Statement
Yesterday evening whilst taking my dog for a walk I saw a large brilliant bright light in the sky to the east of Dunoon.
It was stationary and wasn’t a normal shape (looked square or rectangular).
I watched it for over 10mins whereby it just sat there…i put the dog indoors and returned less than 2mins later and it had vanished.
It definitely wasn’t a plane helicopter etc as was far too high and really was the brightest thing I’ve ever seen in the night sky.
Updated: May 3, 2020 — 10:33 am

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  1. I seen this bright light in sky but like yourself when I looked a couple of mins later it was gone!!! am in West Lothian

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