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Large Horseshoe – Chapelhall Scotland – 2014

Location of Sighting: Chapelhall scotland
Date of Sighting: 2014
Time: 8:45pm
Witness Name: Stuart
Witness Statement: Me and my partner were sitting in our living room of our flat and my chair was beside the window which has a clear view of the sky i just happened to look out the window and i see a small orange glow in the distance i didnt think anything of it as i thought it was a chinese lantern. But as i watched it it grew into what looked like a horse shoe the scale was massive as it was a good 4 miles away and it was close to a block of flats and it looked about 2 mile in size its hard to describe it i have tried looking it up and can see nothing like it as i said its like a giant burning horseshoe i shouted my partner over and we both stared at it until it sort of just reduced in size until it was nothing it might be something but it also might be nothing the strange thing was about a year ago my partner said she had a crazy dream she was abducted..and went through everything you hear on tv the cold metal bed being paralised and them operating on her eyc etc…she not really interested in aliens or ufos or anything thats why i thought it was strange as i said it might me nothing ir something thanks for listening


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