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Large Object With 3 Flashing Lights-Scammonden Reservoir-10th May 2017

Location of Sighting: Scammonden Reservoir
Date of Sighting: Wednesday 10th May 2017
Time: 22:43
Witness Name: Josephine Burke
Witness Statement: When driving along the motorway I saw a large object in the sky, along the side was 3 flashing lights. The craft looked like it was descending to the water’s surface as I looked in my wing mirror.


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Updated: May 22, 2017 — 8:42 pm


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  1. Scammonden alleged UFO base…I took some readings using a
    tri-field meter the microwave settings were really high, and
    I took Tesla reading which was 70 nt and 80 nt on the SW part of the dam.

  2. John, what does all that actually mean?

  3. Hi Steve…I got carried away with the tech data. The area around Scammoden dam..has a high magnetic field.I use a magnetic field meter when research sites, for example if you ever watch the ghost hunting programmes like ‘Most Haunted’..use EMF meters, which measured in Tesla..these are units of earth magnetism or emf. I use my meter a nomal reading will be about 47 (Tesla)..or my device is in Nt..= nanoTesla…..On my meter I have a setting that reads microwave radiation…if for example..even near a mobile tower…I don’t get hardly any readings. However, near Scammoden red..the needle..hit .5 mw\cm2…which is high.

  4. OK, I wondered if you knew what you were looking at! I think you need your unit re-calibrating if it gives a ‘normal’ Tesla reading of 47! That’s massive! Or is that in nano-tesla? Have I misunderstood? The thing is, water has natural magnetic properties, so you’re going to get higher than average readings next to a massive reservoir. As for your microwave readings, no idea.

  5. Quite a bit of normal aerial activity in the area. Saw a Chinook whilst driving over there recently, so may have been a chopper.

  6. Hi Steve…carried similar tests near other reservoirs… the EMF readings were 47-52 …as with Scammonden..they fluctuated between 70- 80 nt….I did calibrate the EMF..meters….

  7. Hi Josephine
    My name is Glen Richardson I’m a UFO Investigative Researcher from Hartlepool, UK. I would really like to hear more and possibly investigate your sighting. Please email me on or file the report on my website It will also be a big help with my research. Thanks


    Glen Richardson

  8. The craft at scamondan ie triangles are drones used to spy on people. I have seen up to 20 of them take off at a time from the area near the main road. At one time a black helicopter was hovering overhead to guide those taking off. Another time large hovering bi planes guided the take off, these craft look like bright stars as they hover. All these craft move very fast. There is also a classic saucer craft which glows orange on the outer and bright white on the inner. They all can make a cloud to hide in. The triangle type are also used to release chem trails. All the mentioned craft only fly at night. In fact most nights you can see the drone type and black tri angle ones. They tend to have flashing red blue white or green lights not like normal planes. The tri angle craft and saucer type use direct energy as power hence the orange glow when hovering. And they can be silent or chose to make noise. They can hover indefinitely and Maintain height. People in general do not look up at the sky which is why they remain unnoticed. So they are not aliens only alien technology used by humans

  9. Brent, where can I get some?

  10. “People in general do not look up at the sky which is why they remain unnoticed.”

    Rubbish. People look up at the sky all the time. Your story is a load of nonsense.

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