Large Orange Light Disappeared Then Reappeared – Dorset – 30th April 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Dorset/Hants border near Fordingbridge
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
My partner and I were staying for a few days in a forest lodge high up on the aptly named Godshill on the edge of the New Forest. We had just finished watching a football match on tv and decided to take in the evening air on the balcony. It was a lovely night and from our high vantage point we could see the twinkling lights of towns and little villages way out towards Dorset and the West. It was also the perfect spot to watch the following curious incident.
As we sat down on the balcony something quickly caught my eye. Among all the little twinkling lights was a much larger orange one. It was higher than the others but in the darkness it was hard tell if it was airborne or sitting on a high piece of ground. My first thoughts were that it was a fire of some sort…maybe a beacon on top of a distant hill. It was static for sure. Quite bright with maybe a triangular shape. Distance was hard to gauge but at a guess I would say it was very close to the town of Fordingbridge about 3 miles away.
” Can you see that odd light” I asked my partner pointing in its general direction.
“Yes it’s a ufo” she sarcastically replied. I should point out that the ‘other half’ is not a believer in any shape of form. But the moment she spoke the light disappeared…no fading, no movement, just gone. ” There you go” she said ” it’s gone back to Mars”. I ignored her dry wit and stared back towards its former position. Bingo! It reappeared in exactly the same place. As my eyes were adjusting to the night I was pretty sure this object was above the distant hills and tree lines and hovering ( but if I’m honest I wouldn’t put my shirt on it). What happened next though was highly interesting.
I heard the choppers before I saw them . Two at first , moving through the night at speed from the north. Each had a red flashing light . At first they were so close I thought it was one aircraft, but both were heading in redirection of the hovering orange flame. Then at almost the same time another chopper flew low, directly over my head ( east to west) also in the direction of the orange flame. At this point I ran inside to find my binoculars as I wanted a better look at anything that was about unfold. When I returned the orange flame had gone again. “Where did it go?” i asked the wife. She shrugged ” Like before it just vanished”. Happy that the incident was over and that no little green men had been found she wandered inside to do the washing up. I never saw the light again but stood watching as the choppers criss crossed the area for some time. One chopper left after about 15/20 minutes and the other two stayed for a total of 30 mins. I couldnt tell if they were police, search and rescue or military or commercial, but they were noisy.
At 10:30pm nothing remained but the sounds of the night animals and the distant twinkling lights of Fordingbridge. Out of interest I asked the ‘other half’ what explanation she had .
“Police looking for someone I expect” she said . “That must be it” I replied not wishing to sound like a nutter, but knowing full well the police round here do not have access to 3 copters unless some huge joint operation was taking place with other counties. I heard no police sirens, saw no distant blue flashing lights.
This incident is what it is… I have no pictures, no video footage and nothing resembling proof of an army operation…I just have this odd little story to tell from my good observation spot on my little balcony! Make of it what you will.
Updated: May 29, 2019 — 10:59 am

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