Large Ship With Lights -Kirkintilloch, Scotland-27th June, 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Kirkintilloch, Scotland
Date Of Sighting :
27th June, 2019
12:15 AM
Witness Name:
Robert C
Witness Statement
I was at my computer, upstairs, with a clear view, north, towards the Campsie Hills. I saw a bright light in the sky, which I assumed was a star. Then I noticed it was moving from side to side and there was coloured lights flashing, red/orange. My wife then came to have a look. I went to the toilet, ready for bed and had a final look, from my bedroom window. We both could not believe what we witnessed next! A large ship with lots of lights, very low in the sky, but not emitting any noise and close to our estate, heading in a westerly direction. This was most definitely, not a helicopter!


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  1. Stephanie Stephenson

    It (the object) was sending a danger warning, that our band of spectroscopy is orange-red, whilst moving from side-to-side as train signalx do in North America..

  2. could of been a chinook or aeroplane

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