Large Triangle-Bury St Edmunds-August 2016

Location of Sighting: Bury St Edmunds
Date of Sighting: August 2016
Time: Night time
Witness Name: Paul Mantle
Witness Statement: I live in a small block of flats which have a communal gardens which is where I take my dog for a wee etc. It has a big tree covering a lot of the sky but there is still a lot you can see. it’s quite dark round there at night so I often stand looking up at the night sky while waiting for my dog. This is where I saw it, it seemed to be fairly low but it’s hard to tell it was a large triangle shape but the corners were rounded it was dark but not black in each of the 3 corners was a glowing ring. The rings were red to orange and seemed to be hazy almost flickering there was a white round light maybe in the middle of the triangle. I stood for a few seconds before running to the front of the flat shouting for the Mrs to look but it took of at such a speed she never saw it but as I stood there looking in the direction it had gone wot I thought to be stars suddenly started flying All over the place the whole thing was the weirdest thing

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Updated: January 21, 2017 — 11:05 pm

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