Large White Craft – Cold Harbour Road, Gravesend, Kent-17th November 2016

Location of Sighting: Cold harbour Road, Gravesend, Kent
Date of Sighting: 17th November 2016
Time: 15:15
Witness Name: Dave Moore
Witness Statement: I was travelling east on Cold Harbour Road close to the roundabout at Wrotham Road A227 it was sunny but plenty of low level clouds in a blue sky. In front of me about 2 or 300 metres away was some large clouds and then I saw a large white craft rise up out of the cloud. The craft was kind of saucer but bell shaped too. It had a kind of hooded canopy. I assume I was looking at it head on. The craft rose up and drifted slowly to the north. I lost sight of it and had to drive on as I was blocking traffic. I then went on to the A2 but then came off at the next junction and pulled over to see if I could see anything more. Alas that was it. My feeling is that it may have been man made but there was not like any aircraft I gave ever seen. It may be a secret military craft or from out of this world, who knows?

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Updated: January 13, 2017 — 5:14 pm

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  1. What a pity the other drivers were too much in a hurry to witness this startling, well-described craft.Glad you thought of a grounded explanation too. Thanks for posting.

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