Large White Light-Near Manchester Airport-3rd January 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Near Manchester airport
Date Of Sighting :
Friday 03/01/2020
Witness Name:
Pete R
Witness Statement
I was having a cigarette at my open 1st floor bedroom window , I looked to my left and upwards now in that direction you see everytime you look in that direction planes that are either coming into land or have just taken off and are climbing out now at dusk until light the following morning you see the take off lights ie big bright beams at the front off the planes until they reach a certain height then they turn them off so I’m really used to the flight paths out off the airport also the holding route of incoming planes now I have seen this object which is a big white/orange light once before a few nights ago now that time I spotted it I was intrigued because like I said I know flight paths of big jets but this object I saw was a lot brighter than even the flood lights on the front of the big jets the first time as in this time I can compare it to jets because on both occasions there were jets climbing out of the airport with there flood lights on and I also ruled out the helicopters ie rescue and police choppers I have seen these on numerous occasions in daylight and at night time and it was totally different on every plane /helicopter you have lights strobbing at the wing tips as well as at the tails now this object didn’t have any there was just a solid spherical strong whiteish/orangish light so the times I saw it it moved a little bit for a couple of seconds not far but there was a little movement but mainly it was still it was definitely on both occasions below the cloud base you could see it each time it was there for about 6 or 7 mins and then on both occasions it slowly faded out like I have said I’m used to the routes taken in and out by the airports planes I hope someone else saw it I can’t imagine I was the only person to see it it’s in such a commercial and residential area someone else must have seen it.

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Updated: January 4, 2020 — 6:15 pm


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  1. Manchester airport must have seen it. Why not contact them and ask if they can identify it for you?

  2. I recorded a lot of boomerang ufo activity in Heathrow and London City Airport airspace. I did not report it to Air Traffic Control because either they and dozens of pilots already knew and were keeping it secret or none of these people had seen any of it and that would make me an attention seeking ‘nutter’. It is no surprise that so many people miss these things. Few city folk ever really focus on what is going on above their heads and most have not any interest or knowledge about aerial phenomena. How many people do you know who can name constellations, identify the planets, watch the ISS, go out to view meteor showers and so on?

    I was very interested in the Gatwick ‘drone’ fiasco. Who knows what was really going on with that story but the one thing that stood out and screamed “conspiracy” was the total absence in any media of any reference to Air Traffic Control. ATC controls every inch of airspace around an airport visually and electronically. They are the people who decide if aircraft can land and take off. Where were their drone observations on radar and video? More to the point not one news story mentioned them let alone tried to contact and interview them on the incident – apparently. This kind of silence must surely have been imposed by a government body.

    Keep observing and try to view the object through binoculars. The Internet is littered with authentic and fake video of blurry lights. My advice is to try and get a good look at the thing so that at least you can be certain of what kind of a phenomenon you are viewing. I always seem to be on my own when these things happen perhaps you will be lucky enough to have someone around to corroborate.

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