Laughterton, Lincolnshire-3rd August 2013

Location of Sighting: Laughterton, LIncolnshire.
Date of Sighting: 3/8/13
Time: 03:20
Witness Name: Simon Clark

Witness Statement: 2 white lights that were in the cloud cover that were moving backwards and forewards. At first they were in unison but one then moved to be above the other. I continued to watch for about 15 minutes. The lights were steady with no change of colour and there was no aircraft sound. Cloud cover was about 75% and I was hoping to watch until the cloud cleared around them but before then the lights just switched off both at the same time.


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Updated: August 3, 2013 — 10:42 pm


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  1. Simon, this sighting is around my old stomping ground.

    You dont give a direction from which you saw them… Also whether you believe them not to behaving like conventional aircraft? I used to see something very similar to what you described which would be west of you. It was a regular occurrence.

    What I was seeing were various aircraft (often apache helicopters) navigating up the Trent and then hovering a couple of miles from Kidby Power Station (I imagine using the power station as a mock target)

    Then they would clear off back along the Trent often turning their lights off shortly after turning around)

    I’ve submitted a sighting of my own today so have interest here. I hope you get to the bottom of what you saw

  2. I can see this now from gilberdyke they seem to be following eachother forward and back

  3. I saw the same in Gainsborough 4th august 3.30am but there were 6, 3 on the left 3 on the right going left to right me and 5 others, second sitting in 5 yrs,

  4. Hi Simon,
    Good observation, but my first thoughts are that it may be a ‘party’ or ‘circus’ searchlight(s)- although very, very late for this!). These sweep backwards and forwards, usually at the same speed and can light up the cloud base and perhaps further into any clouds. They can also revolve, which can be really confusing and could make one to think that they may have seen a UFO(s). We had one of these a few miles from us last year and it caused a lot of local interest!! -Paul

  5. Hi, very similar lights to those Simon saw were seen to the north of Blyton at 10.10pm last night. My neighbour rang me early this morning to ask if we saw them too, but unfortunately not! He says he watched for 15 minutes, the 2 lights were in a wispy cigar shaped cloud only and not stemming from the ground. They were like beams, not bright white lights and were criss-crossing and changing direction very fast. There was no noise and as the cloud disappeared the lights just suddenly stopped.

  6. “They were like beams, not bright white lights and were criss-crossing and changing direction very fast.”

    Sounds like a laser/light show.

  7. Hi Steve, I did suggest that, however they were confident the lights were not eminating from the ground. Since then I have asked around friends locally and 2 independant friends saw the same thing in the same direction but on different nights. I did not tell them any details yet they described them exactly the same as my neighbour. One of my friends did film the lights on her phone but nothing showed.

  8. I’m with Steve. Have seen this numerous times around Doncaster. The lights probably didn’t disappear, rather simply found a gap in the clouds so were no longer visible. Really freaky until you work out what you’re looking at. You don’t mention towards which direction you observed this. Probably some laser light show out of Lincoln or thereabouts.

  9. “2 independant friends saw the same thing in the same direction but on different nights.”

    Hi Nikki,

    The above surely suggests something in a fixed location. It would be interesting to scour the area for any searchlight-type devices.

  10. a bit late I know but me and my wife both saw these lights and concluded they were search lights from a new nightclub in Scunthorpe, hope it resolves the case

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