Leamington Spa-12th August 2010

Location of Sighting: Leamington Spa
Date of Sighting: 12/08/2010
Time: 11.30pm
Witness Name: Bilsborrow

Witness Statement: At approximately 11.30pm on Thursday 12/08/2010 in Leamington Spa my wife and I were watching the occasional meteor shoot across the sky. It was an unexpectedly clear spell and visibility was very good. Suddenly two bright orange oval lights appeared from behind some trees from the North travelling one behind the other in perfect formation. There was no noise whatsoever and they were travelling to low not to be heard. They suddenly darted to the right, zigzagged and disappeared from sight. These were definitely not Chinese Lanterns and disappeared to fast to be any conventional aircraft that I have ever seen. Did any one else see anything?

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. Witness Statement: It was approximately 11.40pm on 12th August 2010 in Middlesex. We were looking at the sky to view the meteor shower and suddenly we noticed a bright orange orb which appeared from nowhere and trailed across the sky at tremendous speed and then dissapeared. We actually got to see the bottom of the craft which looked round and bright light surrounded it in circular motions. This had to be a UFO.

  2. Myself and a colleague saw exactlly what you described at 22.20 hours over Kings Heath High Street Birmingham on 11/09/2010. Two orange discs in formation, at speed but completely silent. We are convinced they were UFO’s.

  3. we saw the same thing we have seen three above the houses of chesford crescent

  4. Yes I believe this to be true my sister was watching them in tachbrook and probably when they disappeared from your sight they came into hers there were 2 one of them exploded in a fireball while the other shot off … Mcdonalds drive thru in leamington is a hotspur for sightings

  5. my mum lives in cambridge and at 11.58pm on 12.08.2010 she saw the same thing and took two photos as it zigzagged.

  6. i cant remember the date but late 2011/early 2012 i was in the back garden smoking a cigarette with my friend and was gazing at the stars as there was not a cloud in the sky when we saw 2 orange perfectly formed disks flying in perfect formation from horizon to horizon. I have seem strange things b4 ie stars and planes that didnt quite look like stars/planes but this was different. if it was cloudy i prolly would have ruled it out as lights from the ground hitting the cloud because of there perfect oval/disk form and i can definitely rule out them being Chinese lanterns because of there uniform shape and perfect formation. Just wish i had recorded the date and time but this is my first UFO sighting i guess ill be ready next time btw this happend in the city of Leicester in the midlands uk

  7. i should probably mention also that they flew in a straight line parallel to each other and also silently

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