V Formation – 3 Sets of 5 Lights-Leeds-15th February 2013

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Jason F
Witness Statement
Taking some pics of the moon in a wide open space and checking the stars out. Put my camera phone in my pocket and noticed something move in the corner of my eye and imediatley thought a satalite was starting to flare. Then was shocked with awe at what i witnessed. First i was baffled and thought it was a formation of fighter planes. the fleet was 3 sets on 5 lights in a V formation. They seemed to move across the sky from directly above me then towards the horizon in perfect formation as if the 5 lights were one object. These formations seemed to slightly curve to the left but they all did so in perfect sync as if the whole thing was joined together. then the front light of the far right formation gathered speed and proceeded to zoom across to the left in a smooth zizag atleast 5 times the original speed. This is where im starting to grab my camera and try getting it ready in time, so not sure what this light does after that. The objects where a dim orange color, like the diffused glow from a street lamp. They were all a circular shape and almost seemed slightly see through. Like under the glow was nothing. I can only guess how high the objects where and id say somewhere around the alltitude of an airliner would cruise. Maybe 30 thousand feet up. The speed before one of the objects broke formation looked the speed of a fighter jet would fly at. While all this happend, i grabbed my camera phone and managed to grab it and take a shot just as they were going out of view because of the high trees about 50 feet infront of me. Its a blackberry camera fone and the snapshot dosnt show anything. Too much noise on the photo and it looks very dark, alot darker than it actually was, but im going to run it through photoshop. I also started a video after the photo, hoping something else was in the sky because i had a large field of view. Also like to point out the objects passed over leeds/bradford international airpor t which is about 2 miles has the crow flys right behind me. And they travelled in a southern direction curving slightly towards a south/south east. Also not any type of sound, it was very quiet night. Id also like to point out i always check the skys out and im familiar with satalites chinease lanterns and all types of aircraft as i live on the approach path to LB international airport. What i seen was either something advanced out military or someones military has or i watched something special from another ?? BTW my fone video has the sound effects of someone astonished, bewilderd, excited, stunned, confused. The whole experience looked like something from a movie and lasted between 10-20 seconds, the last 5 wasted messing with a fone while glimsing back and forth. Im now investing in some kind of cam capable of filming at night 😕
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