Leigh, Greater Manchester-Summer 1991/1992

Location of Sighting: Leigh,Greater Manchester
Date of Sighting: summer 1991/1992
Time: 6am ish
Witness Name: Simon

Witness Statement: I was walking into Leigh along St Helens Rd. I’d reached the junction of Beech Walk and St Helens Rd. I noticed something above me across the street (on the same side as Pennington Park). I glanced up and saw a craft just over the rooftops. It was a very quick glance that I took as I was just about to step into the road and so looked away to ensure the road was clear. I immediately looked back up! I realised what I had seen was unusual. I now saw the craft above me and moving very slowly (walking pace). It was totally silent. It was mainly yellow with some dark blue (hard to explain but the colours were very vivid.. not like a yellow or blue I’ve ever seen). I didn’t see any lights. This was a solid craft in daylight just above rooftop height right above me moving at walking pace and making no noise!!!!! After a few seconds the craft flew at enormous speed and was gone in a second or two (towards Manchester direction). I recognised what I had seen was weird and looked round to see if there was anyone else but couldn’t see anyone. I went to work and didn’t mention it to anyone. The craft had shape but I didn’t recognise it as anything… not a helicopter. I remember being struck that it had a kind of “box” thing at the back of it.. hard to describe as I don’t know what I saw. I’ve been puzzled ever since and haven’t managed to find anything on the internet that resemmbles what I saw.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. Hi Simon,

    I have experienced seeing noiseless, shiny crafts which are definitely not aeroplanes/helicopters, which prompted me to comment on this site. Unfortunately I was alone at the time, but make sure to carry a camera in future.

  2. I swear to this day I saw one back in manchester about 1991/92 big cigar shape lights it was stationary towards manchester looking from stretford must have been a fri/sat told my parents who obviously dismissed it maybe wrong but think piccadilly radios umberto got other calls regarding this exact one but never been able to find anything about it can anyone help

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