Lichfield Staffordshire A51-12th December 2009

Location of Sighting: Lichfield Staffordshire A51
Date of Sighting: 12/12/09
Time: 2115HRS
Witness Name: Garry Fox.

Witness Statement: I was driviing along the A51 just outside Lichfield when I saw about a dozen large objects at varying heights and distances moving across the sky. One moment they seemed to be static then some gained height at speed and then split in different directions only to then gain more significant height and move downwards. Three of the objects then formed a small trianlge of different height and thn maintained a traingle which was heading towards a number of stars which were also in a traingle formation. Each of the three objects were totally in line with the star formation. There were no anti collison lights, port or starboard aircraft lights and no aircraft noise.

The objects were white in colour and fom where I was standing looked big. I have checked out the chineese lantens, and these objects that I saw were far to big to be chineese lantens.


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Updated: December 13, 2009 — 12:12 am


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  1. I saw three lights one after another over manchester around 7.00pm they came over the horizon towards my house and passed over, about three min apart.

  2. we saw these exact lights on the northants/leics border at 2330 three in a perfect triangle and another 6-7 in a perfect straight line following it, def were not aircraft or chinese lanterns

  3. we saw three separate lights forming into a triangle over the A51 near Lichfield yesterday evening…these weren’t fireworks. they travelled at speed forming into a small triangle then they dispersed in a odd formation hanging in the air for while…then they vanished.

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