Lincolnshire-5th July 2013

Location of Sighting: Lincolnshire
Date of Sighting: 5/7/13 ?
Time: 12.05am
Witness Name: Jimmy

Witness Statement: I was watching tv in the early hours of the morning,and the picture started to play up freezing and breaking up so i went to my bedroom window to see if it had started to storm or looked like rain ,but it was a beautiful clear night and all the stars was out .so i thought id walk round to the back of the house to take a better look form there and get another view ,just then i heard my eldest daughter coming up the stairs to bed,as this is happening i see what looks like a moving star up in the sky ,which ive seen on a few occasions a thought were satallites ,then with in a few seconds it grew to about and i can only guess 5-to 6 times it size maybe as much as 10 and seem to glow but it looked a long way up so still looked small to me if you know what i mean. i shouted to my daughter who was halfway up the stairs to run as i wanted her to see what was going on but it just faded out {not like a chineese lantern for i seen many of them and made the same mistake as many in the past as thinking they were ufos i did think it was maybe the iss, maybe getting getting a reflection on it from some angle but the strange thing is and why im reporting it was that almost at the second it disappeared my daughter arrived at the window to witness there was a large bright flash up in the sky like somebody had taken a photo in the area it was travelling to right in front of it in the same trajectory? which if anybody in the area of long sutton or gedney holbeach area watching the sky would have seen,i don,t think the flash was from the object i saw grow that was moving but from something in front of it, if it had kept travelling at the same speed it was going i dont think it would have quite got to the area where the flash came from at the time of the flash but was on the same line,also dont think was lightning was a clear still night if i have my date right im not sure, but the time was between 12.00-12.05 funny but when i went back to bed tv was fine .think it would have been roughly traveling west to east.hard to tell speed or height or size sorry all i can say looked like a star moving in the night sky that got a lot bigger.


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Updated: July 23, 2013 — 10:20 pm


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  1. Hi Jim, Please read my observation of an object I witnessed in August, 2012 which is one of the entries on this site. Let me know if it sounds similar in colour to what you witnessed. Please note I did not witness the item multiply in size but it was around the size of the moon height approx 12000 thousand feet but moving at great speed between open cloud and the night sky. I said at the time duration was only a second though it may have been up to approx 2 to 3 secs.

  2. Getting bigger might have meant it was simply getting closer to you.Could easily have been a plane in that area as you’re very close to Coningsby.

  3. thanks for you comments,gary it grew in size so quickly a fraction of a second that i dont think it was a plane a satillite possibley ,it was so high up that it would have to have been travelling very fast or falling out of the sky to have got so big so quickly if you understand what i mean it also dosent explain the bright flash that came from in front of it as i said the flash came from where it was travelling to but at that speed it was travelling and in the short time i watched it i dont think it would have got there. but of course you could be right .

  4. Hi Jim,i think what you saw was a iridium flare,this is a communications satalite with very shiny panels that catch the sunlight and shine very brightly for a few seconds then fade,it sounds to me that this is what you saw,as far as the flash is concerned i don,t know but iv,e seen flashes in the sky in the early hours before in the direction of Holbeach on about 2 or 3 occasions but i don,t know what they are.

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