Line Of 22 Lights-Wirral Penninsular-29th December 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Over Wirral Penninsular from South to North
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Chaz B
Witness Statement
Tonight was a beautiful clear night no clouds.Crescent of Moon clear as crystal.Looking at crators on moon through my binoculars. I then proceded to go into my home just before I went in I had last look at the beautiful dark sky where many stars were visible by naked eye.Suddenly I noticed what first I thought was a satellite slowly going past, (as often they can be seen by naked eye). However I noticed not one or two of what at first I assumed to be satellites, then a whole line of lights about 22 all in single file following the one in front all equally spaced with distance between each one so incredibly equal as was the lineage of the ufos all exactly same speed like a string of pearls traversing the skyline perfectly in line but without a thread.Height of these objects must have been many thousands of feet even same height as what satellites Speed travel.Speed was constant and unchanging.No coloured lights or flashing lights just the one point of light.They all took about 4 or 5mins to traverse across the sky of my observation. My friend who lives about 15miles away other part of Wirral went into his garden and also saw them and was mystified as I was. I was absolutely amazed at this most strange event. I telephoned Liverpool Airport traffic Control who were interested snd said they look into it but nothing showed on radar as far as they were aware at the time. Tbey advised me to ring RAF. I did ring RAF Anglesey where they took my details and said will investigate.

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