Line of Lights -Norton Stockton on Tees-25th May 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Norton Stockton on tees
Date Of Sighting :
25 may 2019
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
Me and partner were out the back star gazing as we always see moving bright lights but tonight we saw a mile long line of lights what I could only explain as a train moving through the sky please say someone else saw this
Updated: May 26, 2019 — 11:31 am


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  1. it was space x

  2. My parents saw it at 11.45 above Berwick-upon-Tweed and described it like a train of lights in the sky. They said it was huge but no sound from outside.

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  4. Godfrey Smithers

    Yes my wife and I saw it as well in littlehampton at 23-55

  5. Dear Grace

    You are not going mad, BUT we saw this on Friday night 24/5/19 NOT Saturday night 25/5/19. We are in mid west Wales and my partner was outside at approx. 11.55pm on 24/5/19 looking around. He asked us to quickly come out and see what he was watching. He called it a “train in the sky”. It was straight, very long and made up of individual white lights with three or four dimmer white lights trailing behind it. My partner could view it better with binoculars. It was moving north at speed. All three of us saw this thing – like nothing on earth. Did you see this Friday night 24/5/19 or Saturday night 25/5/19. It was cloudy down with us 25/5/19 ?. Thanks for posting.

  6. Jennifer Smithers

    Myself and Husband saw this it looked a mile long with LIGHTS. IN LITTLEHAMPTON ABOUT 12 10AM

  7. i see that in aldershot about 11:59 it was like aline of lights with a few at the front along side it , all traveling at the same time almost looked like it was leaving a trail .

  8. Christopher Armfield

    Early this morning at 12:10am to 12:20am 27th May 2019, My Partner and Myself went outside to have a Cigarette as We looked at the night sky We Both saw the most Bizarre lights in the sky and well above the earths atmosphere, a long string of fast moving lights in a straight line numbering around 15 with some of them emitting a strong flash all moving from Longitude 2.148731 W to Latitude 52.456890 N. this happened twice alongside several satellites also crossing the sky all in different directions. So in reference to the sightings by Grace on the 25th May 2019 at 12am We can agree and confirm what you saw and described as a train moving through the sky is exactly what We saw.

  9. I live in Japan and think I saw something like what you saw too. At first, when I looked up I thought I was watching a meteor skimming the atmosphere but when the lights changed direction I knew it was something different. I pulled my phone out to get some video, but when I aimed it back up in the direction of the lights they were gone.

  10. I think grace seen it at around midnight on the Friday which would be the 25th… Jeeeez Louise… Anyway the ufo… Or not spacex starlink baby, I seen this too and was disappointed to hear it wasn’t an alien invasion.. Gimme the probe already

  11. At 5am this morning I saw this train of lights, bizarre , but wonderful, research said its satellites. Amazing to watch.

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