Line Of Orange Lights-Meltham Holmfirth-31st October 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Meltham Holmfirth
Date Of Sighting :
31 October 2019
Witness Name:
Susan L
Witness Statement
Red orange large like fire. One first then a row of 4then a further 3. A last solo one they kept in straight lines they moved without noise they kept to one place and hovered. Then disappeared. I thought the first one firework too large then plane then ufo. Nothing like it before and when they were at. One angle they had lines of orange in lines


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  1. Probably Chinese lanterns, the description fits.

  2. I saw these lights last night over Exeter these had sound popping lights whooshing bright white lights moving in ways not possible to be an air craft or fire works. Very scary.

  3. Probably lanterns…. but then again, the best lager is`nt actually the best lager is it?

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