Little Stanion Corby-6th January 2014

Location of Sighting: Little Stanion Corby
Date of Sighting: 6th January 2014
Time: 8:10pm
Witness Name: Wayne Frisby

Witness Statement: Was standing at my front door talking too a friend when it came over the top of us around 1000ft was a blue and white blur with no foreseeable shape or sound would say it was probably traveling way over the speed of a fighter jet as it’s very open near me and I can see upto 4 miles before woodland and it covered this distance in 3-4 seconds was definitely not a shooting star or plane. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen

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Updated: January 9, 2014 — 9:07 pm


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  1. Another “UFO” defying the laws of physics. Yes, I know it’s my pet subject but really! I’m sure the usual suspects will rubber stamp this sighting nevertheless.

  2. Yes really !! It certainly wasn’t a Chinese lantern / shooting star unless there blue and white and travel or the speed of sound ! and most possibly wasn’t propelled by a fuel ..rocket / jet / turbine / pulse jet / etc .Or it wouldn’t have been silent at the heights detailed and especially the speed it was carrying as it passed overhead .. Unless it was something ultra top secret and running on fairy dust I’d bet my worldly possession this was no hoax and was definetly something unseen before.. and who knows where from . But if it was from this planet it’s a serious piece of technology that puts the top aircraft we know of too shame !! not having a rant just know what I seen and understand its hard for people too belive and laugh as you explain but unless you’ve seen it you wouldn’t belive it 🙂

  3. Where is it defying the laws of physics?

  4. Well something physical at the alleged altitude would have surely broken the sound barrier, hence my comment. Unless of course it was outside the Earth’s atmosphere, then I would withdraw my comment.

  5. Agreed 🙂 ^^^

  6. Could it be sparrows fart?

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