Llandovery-First sighting1987 & Second sighting Christmas week 1992

Location of Sighting: Llandovery
Date of Sighting: First sighting1987. Second sighting Christmas week 1992?
Time: 02:00hrs
Witness Name: K Owen

Witness Statement: Undoubtedly there are UFO’s! I have seen numerous over the years and I have a very discerning eye when it comes to belief of such phenomenon.

Awaiting a car rally at 2am on a Sunday morning – clear sky (Heading ENE) Silohette of a hilly landscape in the background which assisted with assessing height and distance from the ground.
As an avid novice astronomer, I am aware of basic star formations and why night lights flicker due to the atmosphere of our planet.
As part of a large spectator crowd I became aware of four stars in a line – same trajectory, spacing and not flikering – which were not known to me! Strangely, the sound of the crowd ceased! I watched in awe as the star to the right of this congregation moved slowly and directly across the line of the other three stars – along the trajectory. It relocated itself exactly the same spacing away to the other three stars and placed itself to the far left. The star next to to this light began a movement at the same pace in the opposite direction, again taking its final positioning as the first. Gradually all four stars (lights) began to move to and fro, being joined by more lights! The pace of movement increased rapidly until each individual light sped off at terrific speed in every direction not to be seen again! With that, the first rally car arrived breaking the scilence. Everyone in the crowd witnessed this occurance!

Second sighting: While taking my Alsatian dog for a walk during the Christmas tide, I took a fimiliar route through the local town car park. Above the local Castle Hotel was a triangular shaped craft with feint distant amber lights motionless in the clouds ( cloudy but dry conditions). This craft hung there for minutes before one wing folded on top of the other and with no sound disapeared in to the clouds! This sound very much like those described in recent sightings world wide!

I can only describe what I have seen and these occurances may very well be from Earth. If so, who is propelling them!

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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