London-23rd June 2012

Location of Sighting: London
Date of Sighting: 23/06/2012
Time: 10:50
Witness Name: Anna

Witness Statement: Lots of huge white yellow round shaped things moving around the sky. All moving around roughly towards the same direction. One came close to another and then it started going backwards and strated moving upwards until we couldnt see it anymore.


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Updated: June 24, 2012 — 5:20 pm


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  1. London’s a big place over what are did you see them and where were you in relation?
    Height, speed, direction of travel, weather conditions, any other aircraft?

  2. Where in London were these lights Anna? Lots of nightclubs in London use searchlights on a Saturday night to publicise their location. Your location, and the direction you were viewing towards would be very helpful?

  3. at 3 20 am monday morn 25th june 2012i was putting rubbish out and there was a white circle glow in the sky i carried on looking n it broke up in to little circles going in different direction n then went back in to one i carried in looking and it went in to little circles and then they all went off in dif directions n disappeared

  4. londons only big when standing in the middle of it , its not that big a city when when viewed from a hill in the suburbs .you can see the whole skyline of london from say rainham in the east maybe 10mile from the masonic square mile. peter im sure the lady wouldnt be reporting nightclub spotlights ,thats like me telling you that your sightings could be car headlights!!

  5. ‘Peter out’ I suppose London could appear quite small from RaInham, that’s because Rainham is in Essex. This post is about lights over London….

  6. Peter correct rainham greater london ,you can watch aircraft taking off from gatwick from here, which is west london ,like i say from a good vantage you can observe the whole london skyline! lights in sky included! thats why mod using suburbs as obsveration posts for olymics ritual!

  7. I was working at the media centre at the Olympic park in stratford standing with the copperbox to my left and the stadium behind that (about 120 degrees to my left).
    I was on traffic duty with 2 colleagues, not really busy just having a chat.
    The first full rehearsal was taking place and there was quite a commotion, music and lights etc.
    We are at the edge of the media centre and I see large orbs in the sky looking towards hackney wick/Victoria park, they were illuminated and looked like hot air balloons, which was my first thought.
    This must obviously be something to do with the opening ceremony, and the black helicopters with headlights that followed too. The orbs were moving pretty fast towards the stadium, way too fast for balloons and under intelligent control.
    I asked the two colleagues with me what they thought and they both, although shocked/awed, were not willing to commit to a statement, which was disappointing but understandable.

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