London-2nd September 2012

Location of Sighting: London
Date of Sighting: 2nd September 2012
Time: 4:55
Witness Name: Reza

Witness Statement: We realized the object around 4:55am from our window. it was east to us. It hoovered for about an hour. It was going slowly in different directions also slightly up and down but stayed in one area. During this appearance we realized a white line of cloud looking object several hundred meters from the object. It must have been a cloud as it slowly faded. It reached from east to west and must have been several kilometers long. Around 20 minutes later we saw the same cloud looking object appeared all of a sudden again, but this time a shorter one to some distance from the bigger line but shorter appeared to the first line. Both cloud looking lines faded slowly. The UFO slowly hoovered up as airplanes started appearing in the sky and finally disappeared. It was a bright central light, with 2 lines of light coming out of it, this became sometimes 3 lines. On some occasions we saw a spark looking object coming out of the UFO.


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Updated: September 3, 2012 — 8:49 pm


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  1. Gary…..I meant to say ‘your dad’s friend’of course! I too, am well aquainted with coincidences and deja vu, though unlike you, I’ve never visited a place for the first time and felt that I’d been there before. You say you’ve been told that you are an old soul and I am intrigued to know if you believe that…..Do you believe in reincarnation? Life after death ect? That could explain your deja vu!

  2. That’s a very tough question. I’d like to think so, although if i’m an old soul then I’ve perhaps reached the end of the line :)As regards my dad’s friend,funnily enough, with a name like Wallace, he could have been Scottish but he didn’t have the accent.

    I’m not sure that reincarnation would explain my deja vu, but I know why you’ve said it. However, the brain is a very much under-used organ and it is receiving data all the time without our being aware. I am always consciously taking in my surroundings ,so I tend to think the unconscious side of my head has been assimilating detail without my knowledge and when I go somewhere, something familiar will trigger a false memory. My mother always used to comment when we were going away on holiday, just how much my brother and I saw through the car windows, which she didn’t. Similarly, passengers on bus trips actually thanked us for making their journeys more interesting by pointing out things for them. I’m pretty sure we would have been “seeing” much more than at the front of our consciousness.

    Anyhow, am rambling. Returning to the UFO subject, I’m sure you saw what you allege you saw, but what was it? Some kind of alien beacon, a drone if you like? Why no mass sighting? Why no unequivocal proof? I’m not sure I agree with you that sightings have increased over the last 5 to 6 years. The ability to register them with sites such as this and youtube certainly has. As regards the live TV clip from the White House, I would really need to see a daytime shot from the same angle to rule out anything ground-based.

    Nice chatting with you, Caz.

  3. Actually Gary, there is something else I would like to say! Regarding ‘deja vu’, I read somewhere years ago, that sometimes there is a slight delay [the tiniest fraction of a second] between the message being received by the eye/ear and it reaching the brain. So, when it does reach the brain, the brain ‘recognises’ it and makes you think you have lived this moment before. That would explain my ‘instances’ nicely, but I don’t think your’s can be explained so easily. You say you may be an old soul. Well, I think I am a young soul, as there have been too many ‘I wish I could turn the clock back’ moments in my life, however, I feel I have learnt a lot in this life, but still have some way to go yet! My sister on the other hand, I believe is a very old soul! She is truly the most beautiful person [inside and out] that I have ever known. Even so, she is a bit of a ‘rough diamond’! Lol! If you upset her, she can tell you where to go in somewhat colourful language, but if you are in need, she’ll give you the shirt off her back. She is also psychic and is what is sometimes known as a ‘spirit magnet’. She has been surrounded by spirits her whole life and often been terrified. In fact, it’s only in recent years that she has been able to come to terms with this and learned to accept it. No choice really! Only her family and close friends are aware of this. I don’t know whether or not this goes hand in hand with the old soul thing, but it did make me wonder, what with your deja vu and coincidences [synchronicity]……are you psychic Gary? to be cont…..

  4. Ok…..regarding the tv clip…..I, as many others, was ‘very’ interested in the Obama election and was following it very closely. At that time, I was also in the happy position of not having to get up at 6am to go to work, so, if I couldn’t sleep, I watched at night. During that time, I saw broadcasts from that particular building on a number of occasions, both ‘day’ and night, so I can assure you, there was no construction of ‘any’ kind behind that building four years ago! Nothing! It’s not the Whitehouse by the way….It’s ‘the Capitol’ building [where Congress sits]. I sometimes get the two mixed up! Sorry for the confusion. Anyway, lights on a building or stuck up a pole or whatever, are out of the question and I do not recall ever seeing lights in that position on any other occasion! I did consider for a moment that they might be stars, though they did seem large, but when they started blinking, I knew they were not. They held position throughout the whole broadcast, which went on for a long time, during which the broadcaster was totally unaware of what was happening behind him. From what I can remember, the camera stayed focused on the broadcaster, so the clip you saw must have been taken by another cameraman in the room. There was a news broacast ‘about’ the UFOs the following morning, but then…..nothing!!! Why do you suppose that might be?

  5. In fact…..why make a news broadcast ‘about’ the UFOs at all? Why then never another mention…not even an attempt to offer an explanation of the ‘debunking’ variety? I think that would only have drawn attention to it and got people talking. That was obviously a good tactical decision on someone’s part. How many other people I wonder would have seen either the original broadcast or on the news later…..people all over the world and yet….not a peep. ‘We’ are our own worst enemies! I call it ‘the ostrich syndrome’. People don’t ‘want’ to know! Anyway, I’m done…I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and everything good in the coming year!

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