London-2nd September 2012

Location of Sighting: London
Date of Sighting: 2nd September 2012
Time: 4:55
Witness Name: Reza

Witness Statement: We realized the object around 4:55am from our window. it was east to us. It hoovered for about an hour. It was going slowly in different directions also slightly up and down but stayed in one area. During this appearance we realized a white line of cloud looking object several hundred meters from the object. It must have been a cloud as it slowly faded. It reached from east to west and must have been several kilometers long. Around 20 minutes later we saw the same cloud looking object appeared all of a sudden again, but this time a shorter one to some distance from the bigger line but shorter appeared to the first line. Both cloud looking lines faded slowly. The UFO slowly hoovered up as airplanes started appearing in the sky and finally disappeared. It was a bright central light, with 2 lines of light coming out of it, this became sometimes 3 lines. On some occasions we saw a spark looking object coming out of the UFO.


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Updated: September 3, 2012 — 8:49 pm


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  1. A domesticated UFO!! It “hoovered for about an hour “. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. What’s a spark looking object incidentally? Can make neither head nor tail of this sighting.

  2. Not Gary the debunker. I think you want to believe really, you`re just a bit scared.

  3. gary unfortunately seems bored of the porn site this week.

  4. Hi Alan,

    Yes, you’ve got me. I’m a Government-appointed agent sent out to deliberately undermine the UFO debate. I’ll bet you believe that don’t you, Alan?

    In reality, what undermines the debate far more for me are alleged sightings like this which are unintelligible, or the “binbag” incident, or the legion of smokers claiming they
    have seen lights in the sky.

    Incidentally, Alan the Believer, do you understand it?

  5. so then gary -you would have oodles of pictures and video evidence to show us of floating bin bags{ of course you don’t}, and absolute proof that legions of smokers that produce witness statements are somehow unreliable?
    where’s your indefactible evidence to support your claims?

    Fact is gary there is absolutely no debate to speak of , when old ebnezer gary ironically chips in with the predictable undermineing snore post.
    as for the laughable suggestion the gov’yt would hire gary – – what for, perhaps the remake of close encounters with a random extra spoiling a grt film with grt one liners like”Barhumbug to all ufo’s”
    absense of evidence does not mean evidence of absence -unless you live in the your sad world where all trifling gramtical errors are more important than rooting out the 5% of sightings that remain totally unidentified.
    i’d rather ppl be unintelligible than irritateing

  6. You…a government agent Gary? If you are, whatever they/we are paying you is waaaay too much, ‘coz you’re not fooling anyone but yourself!

  7. Chris D, you are both unintelligible and irritating. Thanks for the input.The burden of proof is upon the believers, is it not? My sad world? I don’t think so. Maybe I’m a freelance Government agent, Caz? Seeing is believing? Not as simple as that though is it?

  8. Well Gary,….once you’ve seen a hexagonal object, easily as big as a football pitch, with red and white lights, each larger than a full moon, just sitting silently in the low cloud and only a few hundred metres away and felt such fear that you nearly wet yourself, it becomes hard ‘not’ too believe! As for the burden of proof being on the believers….I don’t think so! You see, I couldn’t care less if you believe or not, because I ‘know’ they’re real!

  9. That’s some sighting, Caz and it must have been shocking for it to have such a physical effect on you. Am i missing something though? When you believe, is it like some kind of faith? I’ve read around various sites and interpretations appear to vary widely as to what these things are, what their purpose is and where they come from. Some imply they are from Outer Space, some from another dimension entirely, some that they are from the Moon. In fact some seem to think they preface the Second Coming itself ( not necessarily on here ). What do you think that the object was that you saw? What is your belief exactly now you have witnessed something even BUFORA can’t explain? I am truly fascinated. Before you witnessed the object, had you read about alien abductions and the like? If so, do you think this may have fuelled your fear? If you “know” they’re real, who are “they”? So many questions. I apologise for waffling.

  10. Gary….That’s not quite true! I do ‘kind of’ care that you don’t believe, because I think you’d like it to be true, but I’d never try and convince you, as it’d be pointless! People never ‘really’ believe it [even if they think they do] until they experience it for themselves! I had another sighting with my grandson on Wed. night, around 6.15ish. We’ve often stargazed together, but had never seen anything till now. The poor kid was desperate to see a UFO and at one point he was sure he could see a ‘funny’ star in the sky, but when he tried to point it out to me, I couldn’t see anything unusual. I’ve read various reports of people who claim that sometimes they will come if you ask them, but I’ve tried and it’s never worked for me! However, I suggested he ‘ask them nicely in his head’ as they’re telepathic and he did. I know you probably won’t believe this, but within a couple of minutes, we had a good ‘in your face’ sighting. I can’t tell you about it now as I haven’t got time, but why don’t you give it a go? It may just have been coincidence, but nothing to lose….right? Make sure you ask nicely though….I think I know the reason why it never works for me…heh heh!

  11. Gary….When I posted my last comment, I never saw yours. It must have still been awaiting moderation. Well,better late than never.Anyway….I’ll answer your questions as best I can. No….not like a faith. I’m really not into ‘faith’at all. I seem to tend to judge things more on a logical basis. I tend to trust my own senses. For me, ‘seeing is believing’! Yes, I have read about abductions and yes, I do believe that people have been abducted. I believe that successive Governments, particularly in America, has sold us down the river in exchange for technology, although I also think that they may have felt unable to do anything else, when faced with beings who are so much more advanced than us. Sacrificing the few for the sake of the many? Yes, I’ll admit, that’s exactly what I was afraid of, though not so much for myself, but more for my daughter and my dogs who were with me at the time. to be cont….

  12. Not only that though Gary, I’d waited almost my whole life up until that point to see something like this, so should have been excited and pleased to get this chance, but instead, the whole experience ‘felt’ sinister. There wasn’t a lot of cloud that night, in fact it was a lovely evening, but this thing had found a nice big one to sit (hide?) in. We never got to see the whole thing at once, only parts of it as the cloud shifted. It was rotating slowly, and we could see it had angles like a fifty pence piece, with alternate red and white lights. Although we suspected,we only know it was hexagonal because 3 of the other witnesses, who had seen it in clear sky, had drawn pictures of it. All of them were unknown to each other! One family of 5 who saw it come over their back garden not much higher than the houses, said it blotted out the whole sky! Anyway….we were in the car with my daughter driving and only 2 or 3 miles from home, so I told her to put her foot down and get us out of there. The road home was mostly unlit country road and although I’ve driven it hundreds of times, it never seemed so long. I spent the whole way home looking out the back window in case it might follow us. It didn’t. Who are “they”?… be cont….

  13. Fascinating account, Caz. I would guess the unexplained would feel sinister. A pity you didn’t get a picture though. Maybe next time.

    Talking of the unexplained, I have an interest going back years – to 1966 to be exact, when a local 12 years old boy snapped three “flying saucers” on his camera. They do look very much like the street lights beneath them, but this is aeons before Photoshop and the pictures have stood up to expert scrutiny, so still remain unexplained.

    Incidentally, I went out the other night and asked for them to show themselves. To my amazement, I did see my first shooting star for 15 months! I have to say that I saw this after about five times of asking.

    Coincidence? I experience plenty of them ie singing a song which shortly after comes on the radio. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that’s happened to me. Deja vu as well. I’ve been to several places I have never visited, only for them to feel strangely familiar. I was also told some years ago by an amateur spiritualist that I have an old soul,implying that I am at the end of the line of several reincarnations.

    I’d love to have a sighting like yours. I have no explanation. As my father’s old friend used to say about Christianity, “it’s better felt, than tellt”, or in the case of UFOlogy, “it’s better to see for yourself”.

  14. Gary….Yes, I’ve often wished I had a picture, but this incident happened around 14 or so years ago, so it wasn’t like now, when almost everyone has a mobile phone camera in their pocket, but even if I’d had one, I’m not sure it would even have crossed my mind to use it. I think the fear would have overrode every other thought but ‘let’s get out of here!’ I am familiar with the young lad’s photo of the three discs and always thought it must be the best UFO photo ever, so was disappointed to read a year or so ago, that it had, in fact, been proved a fake! However, on reflection, I thought it may just be another case of the ‘debunkers’ at work. I still find it hard to believe that such a brilliant fake could have been produced way back in those days, especially one good enough to fool the experts for so long! These days, I find it difficult to place too much credence on photos. There’s nothing like seeing for yourself….to be cont.

  15. Gary……’Better felt that telt’ Your dad knows what he’s talking about! That sounds Scottish….is he? Ha ha…I can’t believe you actually went out and asked them to show themselves, but I think that’s brilliant! The shooting star a coincidence? Well maybe, but then again….Do keep trying! You’re bound to see something sooner or later. I reckon I’ve seen around eight in my lifetime….Seven with the naked eye and one on ‘live’ TV! I have to tell you though, that after a lifetime of looking, all of those sightings were within the last 15 years and most were within the last 5/6! Sightings are definately on the ‘up’, all round the globe. There are some other interesting things in your post that I’d like to respond to, but can’t right now. I will when I get the chance!

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