Loughton-10th July 2012

Location of Sighting: Loughton
Date of Sighting: 10th July 2012
Time: 01:00 – 01:10
Witness Name: Anonomous

Witness Statement: Just heared like a pulsating helicopter engine so I looked out my window and saw a craft about 40m high slowly gliding away from my direction. There was also a pulsating light that switched between red and white. However this was VERY bright it was much much brighter than the light of a helicopter or plane by miles. I cant believe my phone video didnt pick anything up as it far away (across). It then slowed more almost to a stop but then carried on going and went behind a house. The red and white pulse remained throughout. I cant believe how bright it was. Any known craft?


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Updated: July 10, 2012 — 8:57 pm


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  1. what shape and colour was it?

  2. Stapleford is very close to you, give them a call and see if they know anything, any flights around that time? Or poss a drone for the coming Olympics

  3. sounds similar to the hadleigh sighting

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