Lovington, Somerset-1st December 2008

Date of Sighting : 1st December 2008
Location of Sighting Lovington,5 miles north of Yeovilton Navy Air Station,Somerset, UK
Time: 13:10
Witness: Philip Taylor

Witness Statement :My Wife and son returning from the shops notice Helicopters hovering close to our home. Whilst nearing home they both saw this round silver ball in the sky. It started to glow and then shot off at speed at a blink of an eye moving left, right and then down. My wife commented to my son “what the hell was that” and my son said “oh my god I see it… I don’t know”.

Looking around it then appeared in another location and then again glowing before a sharp sudden movement and this time it shot across in front of them. This thing darted about at incredible speed and the Helicopters seem to be observing it. At one point it sat behind one of the Helicopters and every time the Helicopter moved this Orb moved with it and it seemed to be playing games. There were 4 Helicopters over head at this time, two were just hovering and the other 2 moving around. This Object was observed by my wife and son for at least 5 minutes before two sudden fast fluid movements and then disappearing.

The Helicopters stayed in the area for around 3 hours which is not what we normally see around here even if the Navy base is only 5 miles away.

Did anyone else witness this Orb and the Helicopters? They seem to be over the area of Wheat Hill golf club and Lovington.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

Comment : If you can provide further information on this or other possible UFO sightings in the Lovington or surrounding area then please leave a comment or send details through our “submit sighting” form.

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  1. saw at around 5pm whilst driving to Coleford Somersert a comet like light with a tail which stoppd and changed direction from a right direction to straight on. Both me and me and my daughter saw it and confirmed that we both were seeing the same thing.

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