Low Flying Multi-Coloured Object-Corsham, Wiltshire-18th August 1972

Location Of Sighting :
Corsham, Wiltshire
Date Of Sighting :
August 18, 1972
18.15 approx
Witness Name:
David C
Witness Statement
It was Friday August 18 1972 and I was just a month off from my 10th birthday.
I lived then in Corsham, Wiltshire with my parents and sister.
I was watching ‘It’s a Knockout’ with my mother on this night. I remember it was the European version.
Around 8.30pm a loud knocking was heard at the door and it was my sister who was 15 at the time. She was scared and in a state of anxiety.
She said “Something is chasing me.”
The three of us went out the front door and looked up to the skies to see a bright object above us.
I walked further out toward the grass and looked up. The object was close above me.
The centre section was a rotating series of coloured lights (red, white, green and blue) that appeared to be around a circular object and you couldn’t follow its path of direction with the eyes.
What I mean by this, is the object appeared once to the middle, then somewhere to the left, then somewhere to the right, dotting in and out of the dark night sky.
I don’t remember how long the three of us observed it. It seemed to be a long time. I had a very close view of it but cannot recall any other details. Nor can I recall anything that happened after until hours later when my father returned home from work.
My sister later said she was with a friend in a nearby park with a very large cigar-shaped object descended from the sky. It was this that followed her home and the coloured light object seems to have been different from it.
I felt fearful that night – seeing the fear that chased home my sister and seeing the confusion on my mother’s face who was usually dismissive of such things. But I also felt something else, something primal, which to this day I have not understood. It felt like the proverbial ‘hairs on back of neck’ were standing.
Over the decades since, I have seen many unusual lights in the sky but never as close as this and to make such a burning lasting impression. I don’t know why this memory, however vague, has stayed with me for nearly 50 years. I don’t know if it means anything else.
My mother worked for many years for MOD Copenacre nearby. She signed the official secrets act and never betrayed that trust. But often spoke of the miles of underground corridors where she worked. Could the objects have originated from there?
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  1. Great sighting, I think Wiltshire has the most tunnels anywhere in the uk and probably linked to London.

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