Low Flying White Light-Wythenshawe, Manchester-July 2017

Location Of Sighting :
Wythenshawe, Manchester
Date Of Sighting :
July 2017
Witness Name:
Dale E
Witness Statement
Stood at the side of my house I had my back against the wall, a bright white light (best described as similar to a fluorescent tube light) flew by, I saw it in my peripheral vision and turned my head. I saw the light fly at the height of the houses in my neighbourhood at an approximate speed of 30mph, upon reaching the homes in the next side road by my home, it disappeared.
A few weeks passed and I was at the side of my home whilst letting my dogs out and the same light appeared above a tree in my neighbours garden (the tree is taller than the house) and came down diagonally in front of their house. I was alone other than my dogs and thought to myself “if someone passes by then they’re a martian”, as soon as the thought left my head a big black wiry haired dog (best described as wolf like) started to pass my front garden, it stopped and did not move for about 5 or so seconds, it then turned its head and looked directly at me down the side of my home (about 40ft from front fare to my position) with eyes that were bright green (like a glowing light). I looked at my dogs that had not made a sound, looked back (about 2-3 seconds) and it was gone. I nor my family have seen a dog fitting the description in our area before it since.
Updated: August 21, 2020 — 6:21 pm

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