Low Hovering Triangular Craft – Ely , Cambridgeshire-11th October 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Ely , Cambridgeshire
Date Of Sighting :
11pm Approx
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was staying in a holiday cottage in Ely very close to the Cathedral. About 11 o clock in the evening I became aware of what sounded like a helicopter circling round and round in close proximity. I ignored the noise thinking it was probably a police helicopter , this continued in a persistent manner for about 10 minutes. The sound became very loud and it felt like the aircraft was directly outside of the house. At that point I got up and looked through the window expecting to see a helicopter, what I saw left me completely baffled. Looking up I saw a black aircraft in a triangular shape where the base was covered with multiple small red and white lights. There didnt seem to be a sequence to the position of the lights and one red light seemed to be off set at the bottom end (the lights were not flashing) There were no landing blades or gear to be seen and there was also no strong down draft. The noise of the stationary craft was quiet (more of a whooshing sound) I thought it must be some kind of military craft and was annoyed it was flying so low in a built up public area .The craft then pulled away out of view , so for a few seconds there was nothing and then like some scene from the twilight zone a silent triangular black craft flew slowly into view and positioned itself close to the side of the house, practically slap bang in front of me , where it stopped, tipped slightly backwards , hovered, then moved slowly forward outside of my window view and in the direction of the Cathedral. I was totally mesmerised , I still can’t believe any aircraft could move so slowly and actually stop in midair. The motion was like it was sailing. The craft was made of a glossy black metal that gave the impression of an old fashioned coach build, the depth of the craft wasn’t that deep {about the height of a table) and towards the front there looked like there was a slightly raised dome . You wouldn’t have been able to stand up in it . The back end was flat , rectangular, the top being a right angled edge that then curved inwards towards the base.When I first experienced this sighting I thought I was seeing one craft but as there was a manoeuvre out of view I am now wondering if it was two separate crafts. The craft from above looked like a similar size to a helicopter in length although the shape was triangular. The craft when hovering at the roofline was between my house and the house opposite, therefor size wise it must have been no bigger than 20 feet inlength and the width at its widest part smaller than that. The area where I was looking at the craft was a kind of mews arrangement so there was quite an open area that a craft could potentially navigate or even drop down and lie low undetected.I understand that Ely is close to Lakenheath Airbase so afterwards I tried to go through all the military craft I could find .The closest shape/size wise would be the Taranis Drone however the back end of the craft was nothing like my sighting. If I had only sighted the craft above me I probably wouldn’t have thought too much about the incident but having viewed the object so directly and up close I’m simply dumfounded.

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  1. Hi

    I’m guessing from your post and the date of the occurrence that you are ‘Freda’ who replied to the post about a triangular craft in Peterborough? This is interesting, because in your post above, you mention several time that the craft you saw was triangular. Yet, in your comment on the other post, you say it was rectangular. For the sake of clarification, which was it?

  2. Hi Steven,..sorry a typo… the craft I saw was triangular in shape

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