Luminescent Light-Northampton-3rd June 2017

Location of Sighting:Northampton
Date of Sighting:3rd June 2017
Witness Name:Nick
Witness Statement:Standing having a cigarette at a golf course, in pitch blackness, watching the moon and obvious aircraft on an established flight path. The sky was 90% clear with the odd low lying whispy cloud crossing the moon. Stars and planets very visible. I suddenly caught sight of very piercing bright, luminescent light crossing the sky in a very straight line. It left no trail. It’s speed was consistent as was its altitude. Not moving at any great speed if I’m honest but not ‘floating’ either. It’ didn’t twinkle and it was bright white. It’s luminescence didn’t change at all in relation to its position like a reflection would. The kicker, however, was when it transitioned the cloud that was crossing the moon. I was expecting it to disappear or fade as it passed behind a cloud, but it didn’t, ruling out a satellite. Then, as it continued away from me, it simply faded to a dark orange glow and vanished. There were at least 2 aircraft in the same vicinity at that time and they couldn’t have looked more different to the object I saw. It travelled far too far across the sky for it to have been a drone. Too low for a satellite and too bright and white for a Chinese lantern. Of course I was alone. Of course my phone wasn’t in my pocket. Of course nobody believed me. So, I carry it alone. My first UFO. A new believer.


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Updated: July 12, 2017 — 8:33 am


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  1. As an aside, the thing is a UFO is an unidentified flying object, and NOT fundamentally an alien spacecraft, so it’s difficult to dismiss my belief that they are erroneously identified aircraft, as they are. Also, and I’ve asked you before Chris but am not sure I got a straight answer, you do agree the likelihood is that unidentified craft – or, more commonly, lights – spotted in our airspace are from here, rather than outer space? If not, why not?

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