Luton, Bedfordshire-29th September 2011

Location of Sighting: Luton, bedfordshire
Date of Sighting: 29th September 2011
Time: 8.47pm
Witness Name: Stuart Sinclair

Witness Statement: Bright light in the sky which i thought was a bright star. This light must of been between 5/20 Miles away. It was a clear night sky,as i watched the light which was there for over 10mins the light just dropped very rapid then it zipped to the right and gone. There is an airport near by but in the opposite direction and miles away. The sheer speed of it i could not believe. Whole movements was very quick around 3seconds maybe. Very strange.never seen anything change direction that fast… Ive contacted the airport about this incase it wasnt an aircraft out of control.waiting on i said before it was very quick…


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Updated: September 29, 2011 — 6:39 pm


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  1. Hey, I was stood in the garden this evening around 9:10pm looking at the clear sky looking for shooting stars when I noticed a very small White light very high in the sky moving like a plane, I watched it go across thinking wow that plane is so high up that must be going somewhere far away when all of a sudden it fell at a 45 degree angel so fast and bright I thought it may be a meteor falling and called for my friend. It fell for a few seconds yet got so big I even moved back! It then stopped and went back up into the sky like a tiny star and moved around in zig zags and at this point I knew it was not right and kept my eye on it till it completely disappeared. I went into the house with goose bumps and now I am on the Internet hoping someone else saw what I did!!!

  2. I also saw a light in the sky which looked like a star. I watched it as it moved diaganol across the sky then came down at speed towards the left. It picked up speed almost instantly.

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