M4 Swindon, Wiltshire-4th October 1978

Location of Sighting: M4 Swindon, Wiltshire
Date of Sighting: 4 October 1978
Time: 8.30 pm
Witness Name: Mr Lloyd Meekings

Witness Statement: This is the first time i have made this report, it happened a long time ago when i was 12 years old,there is now a need to tell this, its been with me for 35 years.Okay it all started on a trip from Torquay Devon to Heathrow airport for a two week winter holiday to malaga spain, with both parents and my brother,so up the M5 to BRISTOL, then onto M4,we stopped at the then granada services for our evening meal , the time was about 7.30pm after our stop,we carried on up the M4 motorway,the granada services was now 20 miles behind us,in the distance we could see red and white lights, then noticed they were moving along very slowly, as we drove up the motorway, this ufo with the lights on came over us, i would say 500 feet, above us,it was so big the sky above our moving car dissapeared, we wound down our windows to get a better view,and could see it very clear,it was absolute silence,and stayed above us,it seemed for a long time,we could see the under body of this ufo,it was like all cubes and squares,there was lights on all over the under body,full blast.My mother and my brother and i were screaming at my father to pull into the hard shoulder,so we could get out and stand under it,he was so petrified,he would not stop the car.This object was the size of the wembley arena,it eventualy drifted off to swindon town,where 2 gold lights shot off it,then came back up the M4again,and crossed in front of us,then dissapeared into the wiltshire countryside.I have now researched, wiltshire,rudloe manor,corsham,,mod say no more,at now 46 years old,time to get this out into the open,Whitehall is not letting on.


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Updated: February 18, 2013 — 9:36 pm


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  1. I’m sure you’re aware that Warminster in the same county was the most visited place in the UK for UFOs at the time, if not the world.

  2. Of course nobody else saw this huge object on a busy motorway or in Swindon as it drifted off towards the town – not even the RAF base close to your position!

    Rudloe Manor, of course the aliens used to live at the deepest level of the base. In your own words “say no more”.

  3. Thank you for coming forward to tell your story Mr. Meekings. Of Course Whitehall are not letting on, they don’t want the people to discover the truth!

  4. Thankyou for sharing this experience with us Lloyd. Fascinating.

  5. Was yours the only car on the motorway at 8.30 in the evening? Of course not! No-one else noticed this gigantic UFO which drifted over Swindon town centre? I would be absolutely amazed if anyone believes this. Why would Whitehall “let on” about something as far-fetched as this? Simply incredible for all the wrong reasons.

  6. Gary…..What makes you think nobody else seen this? Hmmm….Let’s see…..Was it because it wasn’t splashed all over the news perhaps? Have you learnt nothing? Don’t even bother to reply to that……I already know the answer!

  7. Lloyd…..I too have seen something that was capable of blotting out the sky and I can’t say I blame your dad for not stopping! He would’ve had your best interests at heart! Thanks for having the courage to come forward and share this with us! Ignore the debunkers……They know nothing!

  8. Totally agree Gary. Of course Whitehall are not letting on, they think its an absolute howl too!

  9. Hi gary,concerning other cars on motorway,far as i remember there was hardly any traffic going up and down M4,as a sceptic,you have to remember it was 1978 not 2013.most people would not be out for no good reason,at that time of night,anyhow if i was a fraud,i would not be responding,to your discrediting comment,beleive as you wish,we no what we saw.sincerely.

  10. It is amazing that a few people, who never experienced what you experienced, will argue blue is red when they themselves have not witnessed the same experience. It is because of these few that many others will not come forward in case they face ridicule too. How do those that ridicule know that no one else had the same experience all those years ago. How do they know that no one else reported the incident at that time? Is it true that all those years ago there was even greater ridicule?
    Lloyd, I for one, am grateful that you took the time to report your fascinating experience. Don’t let those that ridicule put you off from reporting any further similar experiences in the future.

  11. So the whole town of Swindon was told to keep quiet about the “truth”? Even in ’78, a bloody great big spaceship the size of Wembley Arena would not be inconspicuous. Are you seriously telling me this is all part of some mythical government cover-up? I am shocked that you’re all sucked in by this so-called sighting. Lloyd, if you’re telling the truth, I apologise. It appears you’ve taken 35 years to make this revelation – may I ask why?

  12. Hi Lloyd, thanks for your posting. I must say I’m one of the skeptics, so please bear with me. I recall 1978 (in the months immediately after CEot3rdK was released!) was a crescendo for UFO sightings such as yours, and it set me off on a passionate quest to uncover the truth of visitations. However, in time, I found there to be no substantiated evidence for anything ‘mysterious’ or ‘otherworldly’. After 26yrs I’m not sure anyone can take such a detailed witness report as being at all accurate, (even if it is sincerely made). Memory is quite inexact, even after much, much, shorter periods.

    Anyway, I note elsewhere that you accuse people who do not believe in ‘Hollow Earth’ as ‘dumb’, and that ‘non-believers would self combust if they entered the hole’. Since you believe so strongly about the Earth being Hollow, despite there not being one shred of evidence for it, (nor for Hitler escaping death in 1945…which is another of your favourite topics), I must say that any affirmations you may make as to your ‘belief’ in your sighting will still not convince me. If you can, however, provide any evidence I will, of course, be happy to review it.

    Forgive me but


    I hereby suggest you are lying. Here’s my rationale:

    I was suspicious as to how accurately you had identified the location. It read as if you wanted someone to track down the location… So I did… it’s right near the Uffington White Horse, which I knwo is called Dragons Hill. Then I remembered seeing a YouTube clip about “The Dragon Hill UFO Prophecy” in your YouTube favourites. So here goes with my rationale:

    (i) Your YouTube channel shows you updated the following clip on the 17th Feb
    (ii) The clip, at 03:31, shows a drawing of the exact self same craft you describe hovering over Dragons Hill…right down to the square bits underneath! However, the image is, a fictitious one drawn from memory by the youtube author, from a book they’d seen as a kid, which had the last surviving people on Earth about to climb a ladder onto the craft. This is in itself enough to expose your lie…but I’ll carry on:
    (iii) Your posting, made on the 18th, says you had ‘researched’ lots but found nothing. Odd that you should say that when you saved a favourite the day before talking about a bit craft hovering over Dragon Hill, complete with square bits on the bottom. Since your YouTube watch list is full of New Age and Conspiracy stuff surely you’d have, (if your sighting was true!), have mentioned the amazing YouTube clip that would have somehow corroborated your own sighting!!

    To Lloyd… I’ve no idea what made you post this fake report, considering your YouTube history shows you to be a ‘UFO buff’. Perhaps in your hapless search for evidence you thought you’d dream up your own?

    To the usual believers on here… Go back and read your comments. What’s going through your mind now?

  14. Lloyd, thanks for this report. What intrigues me about many such reports is why these massive UFO’s have lights. Surely that implies they are happy to be seen. If so, why are they being so secretive about it?

  15. Sorry, there was traffic on the M4 then Secondly the sighting was around the Matz stub for the main runway for RAF Lyneham, and well covered with both military and civil radar. Red and white lights are anti collision lights. How toughtful of the aliens to use them. Of coure it could be a blimp – don’t think the USN were testing theirs then?

    Then as now, if you infringe a MATZ or come close to it, your liable to get a big surprise, a big fine and possibly imprisonment. Nobody else saw this object, if they had, it would have been all over the national newspapers, radio and television.

    Why bring up the Rudloe Manor and the RAF Provost Branch and Corsham, what does this achieve? Was this to help justify the sighting? Did the UFO fly out of the old railway tunnels like Thunderbird 2 and morph into something the size of Wembley Arena?

    Just in case Gordon you make the point of seeing UFO’s, I have, both in the air (on the nose so to speak) and from the ground. It’s basic human psychology, moving objects attract attention, large ones even more. If it drifted towards Swindon somebody would have seen it including ATC?

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