M4 Swindon, Wiltshire-4th October 1978

Location of Sighting: M4 Swindon, Wiltshire
Date of Sighting: 4 October 1978
Time: 8.30 pm
Witness Name: Mr Lloyd Meekings

Witness Statement: This is the first time i have made this report, it happened a long time ago when i was 12 years old,there is now a need to tell this, its been with me for 35 years.Okay it all started on a trip from Torquay Devon to Heathrow airport for a two week winter holiday to malaga spain, with both parents and my brother,so up the M5 to BRISTOL, then onto M4,we stopped at the then granada services for our evening meal , the time was about 7.30pm after our stop,we carried on up the M4 motorway,the granada services was now 20 miles behind us,in the distance we could see red and white lights, then noticed they were moving along very slowly, as we drove up the motorway, this ufo with the lights on came over us, i would say 500 feet, above us,it was so big the sky above our moving car dissapeared, we wound down our windows to get a better view,and could see it very clear,it was absolute silence,and stayed above us,it seemed for a long time,we could see the under body of this ufo,it was like all cubes and squares,there was lights on all over the under body,full blast.My mother and my brother and i were screaming at my father to pull into the hard shoulder,so we could get out and stand under it,he was so petrified,he would not stop the car.This object was the size of the wembley arena,it eventualy drifted off to swindon town,where 2 gold lights shot off it,then came back up the M4again,and crossed in front of us,then dissapeared into the wiltshire countryside.I have now researched, wiltshire,rudloe manor,corsham,,mod say no more,at now 46 years old,time to get this out into the open,Whitehall is not letting on.


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  1. 1978 – On and on he went to justify the Swindon M4 hoax! “rudloe manor,corsham,,mod say no more”.

    Yes Lloyd, be a good chap, please say no more, even the Men in Black are becoming bored and jaded with this!

    I’ll always visit this sighting to see further stories to justify the original.

  2. Hi Nemo,

    We all understand on this site your position relating to Lloyd’s sighting & to continue your attacks is both pointless & tiresome.

    Lloyd isn’t about ‘come clean’, you don’t believe him, let’s just leave it at that & move on.

  3. Hi Chris….I’m very busy these days, so don’t have the time to post on here so often now and besides….the ‘brick wall’ was starting to give me a headache, 🙂 but I do like to catch up on the reports whenever I get the chance, so just wanted to say, how very much I’m enjoying your posts! I’m also relieved to see that Andy has at last put an end to the personal attacks on here. Perhaps now, more people will have the confidence to report their sightings on this great site!

  4. Hi Caz,

    Good to hear from you & hope you are well.

    I totally understand your comments about the ‘brick wall’ & I respect everyone’s comments on this great site that Andy has set up (a lot of people would be sorely miffed if he was to pull the plug,’cause there’s not another one like it), having said that, some people will say on here that they’ve seen ‘things’ they can’t explain, but still remain in the ‘logical explanation’ camp, & the problem I have with that is, I don’t know anyone who’s had a ‘sighting’ that hasn’t had there ‘world view’ change in an instant!.

    Take care.

  5. “I don’t know anyone who’s had a ‘sighting’ that hasn’t had there ‘world view’ change in an instant!.”

    But if you are not sure what you’ve seen – and, let’s face it, the very nature of an Unidentified Flying Object means you can’t be – how can it possibly change your ‘world view’? Unless your ‘world view’ is defined by interpretation of events, rather than actual experience, I can’t see how the above statement can be adhered to. Furthermore, you’re exhibiting a desire to paint the likes of myself – those who have, as I have repeatedly stated, experienced unidentified an unusual phenomena but do not automatically jump to the alien/inter-dimensional conclusion – our of the picture: I quote ‘those who say on here they’ve seen things they can’t explain’ – as if it’s inconvenient that I, and perhaps others, admit to such but refuse to tow the desired line. Why? Surely our contribution is as relevant as yours, and Caz’s? A simple question: I am walking home tonight and see a bright, star like object moving at colossal speed across the sky. Is it really sensible to expect me to assume it’s an alien spacecraft, and to alter my entire belief system? That is, after all, what you’re implying. Believe me, I’ve had a few experiences that defy identification/explanation by myself: I remain of the belief that, perhaps, someone else could tell me what they were. There is no ‘brick wall’: it’s simply a difference in interpretation.

  6. is it possible for me to make a comment on my own report,LLOYD MEEKINGS

  7. where has warren gone,let me know

  8. “okay warren lets get this right,you dont like me having the last say,on this report ,so if you back off,i will do the same,if not i will keep coming back,for how ever long it takes,so it is now up to you.”

    Caz and Chris, I find it interesting that you have come back to this sighting as well and have noted your comments. Lloyd’s comment is above. It would seem less than a month after writing it he is back to justify the sighting again. Warren made no comment! I’ve always found in life there are some people who you must continually counter, otherwise they take the mile not the inch. The problem we have with UFO sightings are the hoaxers. These people ensure that real sightings, yes there are real sightings, are brought into disrepute and ridiculed.

    Caz, Steve T’s comments also reflect my own.

  9. Nemo….to be honest, I only came back to this sighting, because I saw and responded to Chris’s post…the one above mine! Nothing more and nothing less!

  10. Lloyd, sorry for hijacking your sighting to talk to Chris. I said I believed you from the beginning and that still holds, but what’s more important, is that ‘you know’ what you saw and nobody can ‘ever’ take that away from you, so don’t waste any more of your time with ‘baiters’! They will never believe you and you will never convince them! (Hug)

  11. SteveT….You have stated “Believe me, I have had a few experiences that defy identification/explanation by myself: I remain of the belief that perhaps, someone else can tell me what they were.” Ok….’Ghosts’ are nothing more than ‘recordings’ of past events. If you see one, it ‘has no awareness’….it’s just like watching a replay of an old movie! They’re totally harmless, but I’d imagine they could still give you a helluva fright!Lol! ‘Spirits’ are altogether different! They are intelligent beings, who are capable of communication. They are ‘sentient beings’! Some are spirits of dead humans or animals, but ‘not all’! Some are good and some are bad. I’ve had experiences too, both ‘seeing’ and communicating, though I never invited them and never would. People who use Ouija boards have no idea of the danger they could incur. Like UFOs, this is another subject that people tend not to believe ‘unless they have seen/heard for themselves’! Now I don’t know what you saw Steve, but I hope this helps! You spoke about this a long time ago, so I know your mind is open and though you and I do not always agree, you’ve never been a brick in my wall!

  12. Hi Caz, perhaps a couple of nights at Sandwood Bay Sutherland might change your mind on ghosts being harmless and benign. There’s also a hotel not far from Manchester Airport that I would not recommend staying in a bedroom on the top three floors!

    I totally agree that Ouija boards are very, very dangerous I said as much to T Wood over a year ago when he talked about the occult. It also depends on the persons psychology especially if they’ve been smoking weed and its affected or changed brain chemistry.

    I’ve had sightings of UFO’s since around the age of eight this includes classic saucer shape, orbs and an odd tear drop shape that, believe it or not was invisible, save for the fact that cloud was vaporizing around its form and then evaporating as it flowed to the rear of the object. What made this sighting interesting was it was stationary in the sky not far from a NATO early warning base. Ours (Human) or something else, I don’t know? My other sightings are also recorded on comments on this site. I don’t care if people don’t believe me!

    My brick wall is the hoaxers on this site. Ask a question and no reply or you get an aggressive answer usually about being a troll or a none believer.

    The triangles are ours.

  13. Nemo…As I don’t know what Steve saw and he doesn’t seem to know either, I did my best to explain to him the ‘difference’ between ‘ghost’ and ‘spirit’, in the hope that doing so, might help him on his way to perhaps finding an answer, or at least, understanding a little better! If you read my post again, hopefully you’ll realise that ‘a couple of nights at Sandwood Bay’ would not change my mind about anything! Everyone including myself, tend to label all these paranormal manifestations as ‘ghosts’, but ‘true’ ghosts can be neither benign nor malevolent, as they are really no more than memories, somehow recorded by the fabric of a building or the surrounding area. It sounds as though whatever is haunting Sandwood Bay, is an intelligent being of some sort, if it’s interacting with people in any way. Haha…been there and done that, so, if you don’t mind…I think I’ll pass! 🙂 Re the Ouija board. All I can say is anyone messing with that had better know how to protect themselves and their enviroment! Triangles? No comment! 🙂 What is at Sandwood Bay by the way…have you been there? One last thing…Before anyone says that this is off topic, I do believe that spirits and aliens are connected, just as all points in time and space ‘are connected’!

  14. Hi Caz, Sandwood Bay is in Sutherland and is probably the best beach in the UK – on a good day. I’ve been there many times – pile of pictures on the web. The haunting is always proceeded by thumping and noise – bay wide. We have experienced this many times, including daylight hours

    You could be right about “spirits”, which I think are not ghosts, being similar to aliens. Although some ufo’s may come from space, I believe, and T Wood will love this, that they phase into and out of our reality, creating the colour shifts that observers see. Colin Wilson, who incidentally, has also written books on the occult, discusses this in his book Alien Dawn.

    This fading in and out may account for the lack of turbulence when they pass close to aircraft and electronic instrument malfunction – not ideal when your controls are fly by wire.

    The triangle are ours, albeit some of the larger ones that people claim to see could be projections from the ground or air for military purposes! I think the one that was seen last year from a canal in the Midlands falls into this category.

  15. Hi Nemo….I read your first post as ‘Sunderland’ instead of ‘Sutherland’, so when I googled Sandwood Bay, I was surprised to find it’s in Scotland, because I’ve never heard of it and I’m a Scot! I read about the mariners and the mermaid [fascinating], but never saw any reports suggesting anything ‘bad’! Haha….yes, T. Wood is going to love that bit about ‘phasing in and out of our reality’. For ‘reality’, read ‘dimension’! 🙂 I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s where at least some of them come from, but again, ‘not all’! I do believe that some of them travel and ‘no’…with their technology, distance is not a problem, but I also believe that some are based here…on Earth, beneath our mountains and our oceans. I have to say, I’m not sure about ‘spirits being similar to aliens’, though I do think that sometimes, ‘aliens have been mistaken for spirits’! You said ‘the haunting is always preceeded by thumping and noise’….Did you actually see something? I’m intrigued!

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