M4 Swindon, Wiltshire-4th October 1978

Location of Sighting: M4 Swindon, Wiltshire
Date of Sighting: 4 October 1978
Time: 8.30 pm
Witness Name: Mr Lloyd Meekings

Witness Statement: This is the first time i have made this report, it happened a long time ago when i was 12 years old,there is now a need to tell this, its been with me for 35 years.Okay it all started on a trip from Torquay Devon to Heathrow airport for a two week winter holiday to malaga spain, with both parents and my brother,so up the M5 to BRISTOL, then onto M4,we stopped at the then granada services for our evening meal , the time was about 7.30pm after our stop,we carried on up the M4 motorway,the granada services was now 20 miles behind us,in the distance we could see red and white lights, then noticed they were moving along very slowly, as we drove up the motorway, this ufo with the lights on came over us, i would say 500 feet, above us,it was so big the sky above our moving car dissapeared, we wound down our windows to get a better view,and could see it very clear,it was absolute silence,and stayed above us,it seemed for a long time,we could see the under body of this ufo,it was like all cubes and squares,there was lights on all over the under body,full blast.My mother and my brother and i were screaming at my father to pull into the hard shoulder,so we could get out and stand under it,he was so petrified,he would not stop the car.This object was the size of the wembley arena,it eventualy drifted off to swindon town,where 2 gold lights shot off it,then came back up the M4again,and crossed in front of us,then dissapeared into the wiltshire countryside.I have now researched, wiltshire,rudloe manor,corsham,,mod say no more,at now 46 years old,time to get this out into the open,Whitehall is not letting on.


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  1. Sunderland – That’s area 51 of the UK – The aliens really do live there and support some football team!

    Being serious, sighting once, very close indistinct black shape, severe noise on a number of occasions all at night 1130 – 0230 usually Bay wide, not only at the croft (Was it infra sound?). I have known people who had eyeball to eyeball at night when their tents and shelters “moved” after the heared thumping that can be felt through the ground and terrible breathing noises – the screams – including those of males brought us running. The noise could be rabbits in their burrows or wildcats?

    You must go and camp there, try around the croft first for a couple of nights then down on the Southern shores of the loch. You’ll have great fun. The North shore of the loch is totally safe once you cross the stream – river (Depending on the weather). Incidentally, there is a great hotel at Scourie if you don’t like camping. On the way back you can visit the Grey Man on a certain mountain in the Cairngorms – Many people have had encounters with “It”. They felt it was evil – One person has actually shot at it.

    People have also seen a group of people dispatching shipwrecked sailors on the beach (This could have been a replay of something that happened during the Highland Clearances). Of course they disappeared before their eyes!

    I’ve only seen mermaids when I’ve had narcosis diving – funny I remember them, they all looked like Olivia Newton John in 1978!

    You may be correct about alien land bases. I think two things are highly likely:

    1. They use the oceans. Possibly space born craft approaching earths atmosphere in the Southern Oceans

    2. The use the dark side of the moon to hide in the radar shadow – of course we probably have cover there now?

  2. Caz, you may be interested in A Natural History of Ghosts by Roger Clarke. Its how people see ghosts through the centuries (500 years) and how they have evolved. I like the stories about the tower of London – yes the military see ghosts too. I know a few RAF bases that have had some unusual activity.

    It also comes to the conclusion that where’s there are ghosts, there is also money. A little like the ufo fraternity?

    Maybe you should buy it and read it up at Sandwood Bay?

  3. Sorry for not replying sooner Nemo…..It’s difficult to say what that could be, but it did make me wonder if some of it could be atmospheric as it’s bay wide. Certainly not all of it though! The indistinct black thing you saw was probably spirit of some sort and heavy thumps and things moving are hard to explain,unless it’s some kind of earth tremor! Definately not rabbits! Lol! Screams could be wildcats or vixens or the murdered sailors. Whatever it is, does sound ‘residual’ rather than ‘sentient’, unless there was some kind of ‘interaction’ with the people camping at the time! Haha……I don’t think I’ll be setting up camp there anytime soon!

  4. Nemo…re the mermaid….The last sighting in the UK was in Sandwood Bay in the year 1900. The witness was a local man…a crofter out walking with his Border Collie dog. It was the dog who spotted the creature first and became terrified and that’s what drew the mans attention. He said at first, he thought it was a seal stretched out on a rock, but quickly realised that the skin was yellowish and it was about 7ft long, with long reddish hair. I don’t know what happened after that, but I’d think he and the dog probably left in a hurry! I don’t believe in mermaids. I know there are strange creatures living in very deep waters, some of which we haven’t yet discovered. However, creatures living that far down usually shun the light and this ‘mermaid’ was sunbathing, so for me, it doesn’t make sense! Having said that, I do know that there are ‘some’ energies that can manifest into anything they please! Animals are very sensitive to spirit energies, so it’s no surprise that the dog saw/felt it first. The man stuck to his story until he died in 1944 and I do believe he saw ‘something’!

  5. Re Roger Clarke’s book…..I’ve read lots of books on the Paranormal over the years, but none recently. The conclusion that ‘Where there are ghosts, there is money’, is a reasonable, but I’d have thought obvious one, in fact too obvious to mention! After all, anything that interests people, including ghosts, UFOs, murders, kidnappings ect. ect. will make money. What interests me most about the Paranormal & UFOs is the millions of reports from witnesses who ‘don’t’ make money!

  6. No the screams were from young people (Men as well) in their tents and bivibags when they had something dark peering in at them.

    Yes and thumps could be rabbits underground and the wildcats are large around that area.

    You really should go up there. A weekend of peace and perhaps not quiet!!!!! Just think of the money you could make on YouTube if you recorded something. Sorry, there is no monster in the loch though.

    Now if you want a comfortable haunting, try the Dunadry Hotel Antrim. Just ask to stay in the huanted room(s). You’ll be ok its a woman ghost from the 1960’s. Just don’t look in the mirrors! Or Airth Castle near falkirk, you’ll find its two women and two children.

    Life is an adventure, you must go to Sandwood Bay now just to satisfy your curiosity!

  7. BRILLIANT,the report of Lloyds UFO experience,and I have seen his original notes made by him as a boy, is now so well hidden in masses of comments and irrelevant rubbish that all you UFO so called experts and done an even better job than any government agency in the world of massaging reported sightings out of existence. Hidden in plain sight amongst pages and pages of words,far more effective than redacting with black felt pen!

  8. Caz, the ‘mermaid’ sighting you mention may well have been a walrus. The size, colour and basking in the sun would match, and they are occasional visitors to northern Scotland (one turned up in Orkney in March this year). True, tusks and whiskers are hardly synonymous with a gorgeous pouting mermaid, but this may have been an ancestor of the crofter in the TV ad who should have gone to Specsavers!

  9. Susan,

    Interesting response; for the record, I don’t think any of us on here claim to be ‘experts’ on UFO’s, but I will venture that a few have experience that gives them a right to comment (and I do, of course, include our friend T Wood in that group). However, how are we ‘massaging reported sightings out of existence’? Lloyd’s report is still here for all to see, as are many others, right at the very top of this page; it’s not hidden, it’s not been removed, it’s there, plain and simple, as it always was. That’s the beauty of sites like this – no censorship.

  10. Nemo….. my curiousity has been well satisfied on quite a few occasions already and not ‘comfortably’ either, so I have no desire for a repeat performance, but thanks anyway and thanks for telling me your own interesting experiences! 🙂

  11. Susan…None of the comments on here are ‘irrelevant’! They are ‘all’ about the world we ‘really’ live in, as opposed to the world ‘as we perceive it to be’! UFOs are part of the reality we at present call ‘the paranormal’, but there are other things too and they are ‘all connected’! The people who come on here searching for the truth, deserve to know the ‘whole’ truth, because until we do, we are at a great disadvantage! There ‘are’ no experts on here and more’s the pity, because I’ll bet the aliens are! Lloyd’s report will never be lost. It will be read again and again along with all the ensuing comments and hopefully, might even help some people to fit a few more pieces into the jigsaw and realise that it’s all part of ‘the same picture’! I just hope that Lloyd will see that nobody is trying to upstage him here, or detract from his sighting. We are all in this together and want the same thing….to open people’s eyes to the truth! Best Regards!

  12. Lloyd, the Cardiff sighting you use to justify your own was in 2004? I suggest you read it again.

  13. Hi Susan, yes he did say I worked for the Government, oddly enough I do now and then, both here and abroad. I did offer him a trip to the tunnels he referred to “rudloe manor,corsham,,mod say no more”. He did not take the offer up.

    How and when did you see his notes Susan?

    Irrelevant rubbish, from who’s side Susan?

  14. Hi nemo,is Rudloe manor, corsham open to pulic view, i mean unrestricted access.

  15. public view i mean, silly me

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