M4 Swindon, Wiltshire-4th October 1978

Location of Sighting: M4 Swindon, Wiltshire
Date of Sighting: 4 October 1978
Time: 8.30 pm
Witness Name: Mr Lloyd Meekings

Witness Statement: This is the first time i have made this report, it happened a long time ago when i was 12 years old,there is now a need to tell this, its been with me for 35 years.Okay it all started on a trip from Torquay Devon to Heathrow airport for a two week winter holiday to malaga spain, with both parents and my brother,so up the M5 to BRISTOL, then onto M4,we stopped at the then granada services for our evening meal , the time was about 7.30pm after our stop,we carried on up the M4 motorway,the granada services was now 20 miles behind us,in the distance we could see red and white lights, then noticed they were moving along very slowly, as we drove up the motorway, this ufo with the lights on came over us, i would say 500 feet, above us,it was so big the sky above our moving car dissapeared, we wound down our windows to get a better view,and could see it very clear,it was absolute silence,and stayed above us,it seemed for a long time,we could see the under body of this ufo,it was like all cubes and squares,there was lights on all over the under body,full blast.My mother and my brother and i were screaming at my father to pull into the hard shoulder,so we could get out and stand under it,he was so petrified,he would not stop the car.This object was the size of the wembley arena,it eventualy drifted off to swindon town,where 2 gold lights shot off it,then came back up the M4again,and crossed in front of us,then dissapeared into the wiltshire countryside.I have now researched, wiltshire,rudloe manor,corsham,,mod say no more,at now 46 years old,time to get this out into the open,Whitehall is not letting on.


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  1. Hi Lloyd, I think they are both closed now. However, MOD often give tours or provide permission for tours to closed site. You could go on Urban Explorers. This site has many records of incursions into such areas. You will also find web based info and photos.

    You’ll be pleased to know that I will be off this site for the foreseeable future (Breath a sigh of relief Peter) as I have projects with specific deadlines to meet.

    Good luck with your search Lloyd.

    Stephen, good comments.

    Caz, you need an adventure up there. It is quite beautiful in both summer and winter. I would take a Ouija board with you and film it. You’ll make a fortune on YouTube, the more screaming the more money! (Joking apart, don’t use Ouija boards they are dangerous)

    Gary, keep asking the questions.

  2. Nemo….I don’t think I’d need the Ouija board! LOL…Sounds as though the door at Sandwood Bay is well and truly open! 🙂 Good luck with your projects!

  3. Stephen….Sorry for not replying to your comment earlier! I never even saw it till Nemo drew it to my attention in his last post! If the crofter was telling the truth, Walrus wouldn’t fit…he gave the eye colour too, so he must have been really close and I doubt the dog would have been so terrified, so I guess we’ll never know. Maybe he was just ‘having a laugh’ after all! 🙂

  4. I was 13 in 1978 and me and my mum and stepdad was returning from seeing a family friend in Swindon around the sametime.it was a lovely evening as i recall and we had just got past the outskirts of Swindon when i noticed an object on the left side of the car in the distence that was traveling about the same speed as us.my stepdad couldent see as he was driving and the M4 was very busy.so i wound down the car window to get a better view as i thought it might of been the reflection of othee car lights bouncing off the window.the object looked like it was changing shape from a 50 pence shape to a square then a rectangle due to the speed it was going at.it had red and white lights and blue aswell but no sound from what i could tell.just before the Didcot services it shot off into the distence towards Swindon .this was either September or October 1978 .

  5. Thanks for that input David

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