Manchester-13th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Manchester (South), England
Date of Sighting: 13th October 2013
Time: 19:35 (Ish…)
Witness Name: Christopher Burgess

Witness Statement:I saw a Orange triangular shape moving from West to East. it disappeared behind the tree line and i could not find it after the trees had past. the object was traveling very fast not like the usual commercial planes around that area.


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Updated: October 16, 2013 — 8:58 pm


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  1. Hi Christopher,
    Did you notice any lights on this thing and if so, what colour were they and were they static or strobing?
    Yet another ‘triangular’ shaped object – they seem to be increasing in frequency – if only we could find out exactly what they are! -Paul

  2. Was it completely orange? My initial impression is utter rubbish. You must think we were born yesterday

  3. On Weds morning in Stockport I saw a triangle made up of three white lights. Great I thought my first silent triangle, as it was silent. The object moved and then I saw a green wing light. It was a large aircraft flying into Manchester airport.

  4. Anon, I was brought up close to Stockport and frequently witnessed the way aircraft lights can be confusing as the aircraft changes direction and height on approach. The area has been subject to many ‘UFO’ sightings, no doubt due to the proximity of Ringway, sorry, Manchester International, and the late, lamented BAE/Avro Woodford.

  5. Hi Steve T, Ringway suits me. I think many sightings are due to aircraft and birds at unusual angles.

    I was waiting to join the ring road yesterday, it was raining and pretty grey and black. Two grey – white objects appeared moving near the cloud base. Ufo’s? No seagulls flying in close proximity. Perhaps this is what people are really seeing near storm clouds?

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