Manchester-8th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Manchester
Date of Sighting: 8/10/2013
Time: 1.00am
Witness Name: Cam

Witness Statement: the other night i was in my friends back garden smoking a cigarette looking at the night sky because we always see moving white lights and shooting stars as i looked to my left i saw 8 to 10 orange / red lights flying in the sky (100% not Chinese lanterns ) i have saw dozens of them..they were about 10 to 15 meters wide and were really low in the sky most of them was flying in formation but 2 of them were slightly behind the others flying side to side then after 30 seconds or so 2/3 flew off and the rest went in the opposite direction iv never seen anything like it in my live me and my friend was just looking at each other in shock at what we just saw

I googled this website and wondered if anyone else saw anything this evening?


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Updated: October 15, 2013 — 10:48 pm


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  1. “Would you agree, that It’s fair to say, that on some occasions, sightings are reported by more than one person in the same area & around the same time, & that those people have Goggled ‘UK UFO’
    & ended up on here?.”

    Absolutely, but I wouldn’t expect them both to use EXACTLY the same closing sentence (rather that, say ‘I wondered if anyone else had seen it so googled this site’ or ‘I used Google to find this site’ or…I could go on, and on.) Far from casting judgement on their mental state of mind, or slurring their character, I’m pointing out (and note I was not the only one) a quite remarkable ‘coincidence’ that stood out very clearly to me.

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