Margate, Kent-16th May 2009

Location of Sighting: Margate, Kent
Date of Sighting: 16th May 2009
Time: 11.30 pm
Witness: Sharon Spencer

Witness Statement: There were three orange balls of light that looked like upside down jelly fish at really low level, it was a really still night and the objects were silent, as they disappeared over my neighbours house, i went out the front to see where they went and another followed at low level, they moved slowly and went higher,so the appearence was more like an orange ball, they went over the sea and gradually fadded into the distance, has this been reported by anybody else, we are wandering what it was, it was me and daughter that saw them at the lower level and got my husband out of bed when they went out the front so he also witnessed the orange balls that made no noise.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. last year, i reme,ber seeing a number of orange balls as you describe moving across sky quie quick but silent, but i live in broadstairs so not far at all from margate, wonder if it could be the same thing we saw, i saw them with my dad and we watchted orange balls from 20mins come aross the sky from south to north, then they would just disappear

  2. we saw over the swale area(kent) about six orange lights moving north making no noise and moving about as fast as a plane.

  3. I witnessed on the same Night 1 orange ball that came from the sea and across the north end of Deal then over the fields towards Sandwich. I would best discribe it as an orange ball of flame , silent , moving at a constant speed, at about 200feet in the air. Very Wierd.

  4. Hi

    tonight is the 6th August, we are in Westbrook, which is just down the seafront from Margate.

    About 10pm this evening i was driving back from the curry house with a takeway for me and the missus and whilst on Bridge Rd, looking towards the sea, i saw three very large orange lights in the sky. They were moving slowly.

    i raced over the bridge and onto Barnes Ave where i live as i was rushing to get the missus so she could also see. Then as i was driving down the road, there was another 4 very large orange lighs in the sky behind the first three, all still moving.

    I jumped out the car and grabbed the missus, who came running out, by the time she was on the road with me, another even bigger orange light seemed to have come from the sea, went into the sky and slowly followed the others.

    Now these object were not anything that i have seen before, they were not planes or helicopters, they were not fireworks.
    Its left me really excited and the missus terrified.

    I hope more people have seen this, i am sure there are, as it was over the seafront from Margate and they travelled towards Birchington.

    I have a video taken on my camera, not the best quality, but the objects seem to be smaller and changing colour, at one point you can see one moving extremely fast.

    I am buzzing with excitement !!!!!

  5. sorry got the date wrong, it was the 8th

  6. I am now not sure of the exact year but roughly 2002-3 one early morning in the distance towards Westbrook I could see about 4-6 lights above the earth just moving around quicker than anything I could imagine in a short space of time. I alerted a work collegue that could see the same things with then the intention to get the night shift workers in the factory to witness it as well we just stood there mesmorised by what it could be. I guess this could be part of the same things you also saw.

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