Markfield Lane, Markfield, Leicester-21st February 2012

Location of Sighting: Markfield Lane, Markfield, Leicester
Date of Sighting: 21/02/2012
Time: 1:36am
Witness Name: Ryan Preston

Witness Statement: I had just come back from a paranormal investigation up north when I noticed flashing lights pulsing in a multitude of coloured lights with a sequence of blue, orange, blue, green, blue, orange. There were no Chinese Lanterns as this is a quiet village lane with only several houses and all fields. The object was spherical in shape with a 3D rectangle on one end. It seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, and there was interference with my car stereo. I pulled over on a grass verge to get out and look but it had vanished. It didn’t sound like any jet of plane that I know of. It was a bizarre experience. As a paranormal investigator I find it hard to credit the paranormal as being extraordinary which isn’t a natural phenomenon or a human influence. But I cannot explain what I saw. Perhaps it was a top-secret government fighter, but spherical in shape? It’d be very odd. Either way, it was certainly unidentifiable.


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  1. I saw the same thing I think. Low altitude sphere ufo it was like you described with many flashing colours, very bright. It flew through peterborough. It flew at a very slow speed. It was many times bigger than a chinese lantern.

  2. Who do you investigate for Ryan and for how long?

  3. “There were no Chinese Lanterns as this is a quiet village lane with only several houses and all fields”…..

    I’m not sure I follow your logic here. How can the number of houses and the extent of fields dictate whether or not you saw a Chinese lantern?

    It can’t. There is nothing in physics to prevent Chinese lanterns flying over fields – I’ve seen one myself. Out of interest, do you apply this same ‘rigour’ to your paranormal investigations?

  4. Si, yes it can because this road is not near any major places. It’s a fair few miles long and there were no fireworks or Chinese lanterns around. Most country/village lanes are very quiet and are undisturbed except for cars. There are better places to let Chinese lanterns off. It’s not a place where you would have a firework display. Also, villages tend to be quiet. If there villages lacked Chinese lanterns, then I’m sure the roads and fields around them would, too.

    Also, only wind would dictate where a Chinese latern would go. If there’s no wind, it will only go upwards, like a balloon; they can only be launched one way. They may drift, but not over a field covering miles.

    I also think I know the difference between a Chinese lantern and a UFO/Unknown aircraft.


    I’ve been a Paranormal Investigator for about 4-5 years. I work alone; I find it easier as when there is no-one around, no-one can fake things or interrupt an investigation.

  5. Ryan
    Is this the first UFO you’ve ever seen?

  6. hi ryan i`ve done some paranormal work previously on my own and with a group of friends i`ve had a lot of experience with sightings and a couple of contact incidents with our planetary friends keep up the good work and don`t let anyone get you down lolly1333 🙂

  7. Lorraine
    Are your experiences all hush hush or can we read about them?

  8. Oh dear, you do make a lot of unwarranted presumptions.

    1. this road is not near any major places…

    What if someone in the village had a birthday celebration

    FYI I have personally followed a chinese lantern for 15 milesin

  9. Erm, Si, I live in the area. Birthdays? There are never any displays and I’ve lived in this area for the last 23+ years. They’re not presumptions, they’re facts. Quiet villages and quiet country lanes are that for a reason.

    I find it hard to believe you’ve followed a Chinese lantern for 15 miles, to be honest.

    Also, there’s no real argument here. Do you live or visit the area regularly? Do you know how people do things here? It’s all agriculture here, having Chinese lanterns would be stupid seeing as how there are dozens and dozens of fields. Besides, why would anyone want a Chinese latern to celebrate a birthday? Now, if you’d have said around the 5th of November and if I spotted something, then you may have a cogent case against my claim.

    Well, I have seen other bizarre things when I was a child but I never thought of them as UFOs, and anything I said was knocked down by my parents.

    If anyone is interested in my paranormal work or wishes to work with me, then that could be arranged. Still, first sighting I would deem to be a UFO where I have no explanation for.

  10. Thanks Lorraine for the encouraging comment 🙂

  11. I’d be interested to know what you’ve seen earlier in your life, as a child.

  12. Hi I live at the end of Markfield Lane and head up the Neighbourhood Watch for the whole area. I came across this site by chance and write to say I have not had any reports come in from my intellegence sources. I can say that we have a number of asian families, particular seikh who live around this road and they do have large celebrations involving chinese lanterns etc.

  13. It wasn’t a Chinese lantern. I would know the difference.

  14. I also experienced a UFO experience/sighting in Markfield alongside my sister in the early hours in about 1980/81.
    My dad also had a sighting when he was younger again in Markfield at the same house/area but that was in the day time I believe.

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