Maybole-5th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Maybole
Date of Sighting: 05/06/2013
Time: 17:54
Witness Name: Jim

Witness Statement: Just before 6pm I saw a small shining object in the sky, the area it was flying in was clear and there was no trail behind it so couldn’t have been a plane and there was no noise so it couldn’t have been a helicopter. It appeared to be spinning and moving quite fast. There’s very little wind today so I doubt it could have been a balloon at the speed it was travelling. I tried to record it on my hd video camera but looking at the screen it didn’t show up, so I transferred it to my laptop where it still didn’t show up on the screen.


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Updated: June 5, 2013 — 10:06 pm


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  1. Wind speed increases with height as does its direction. Sounds like a balloon.

  2. Nemo, please stop visiting this site.

  3. Peter… Challenge Nemo’s comment if you have facts that counter the statement regarding wind. If you are unable to do so then:
    (i) it exposes your ‘blind belief’ in UFOs is not grounded in science, fact or rationality. Erge, your belief is worthless.
    (ii) it exposes that you are unable to contribute anything meaningful to such matters.

    If, however, you can challenge Nemo’s comments with something meaningful, then everyone on this site learns something new.

  4. Warren, thanks for the advice. I’ve chosen to ignore it.

  5. hi folks
    just so you know i live just down the road in ayr. balloons,planes and helicopters…..we see few of these in our area. i think a person would know the difference and there also has been a few genuine sightings in this area over the years ever since i was a kid. isle of arran was know as a hotspot and we have a great view of it.

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