Melbourne, Derbyshire – 4th October 2014

Location of Sighting: Melbourne, Derbyshire
Date of Sighting: 4th October 2014
Time: 21.30
Witness Name: Markus

Witness Statement: I went outside for a cigarette, I live in thesticks so light ppolution is low, I looked at the stars and noticed one flashing, seemed to be red and blue, it moved up and seemed to change shape, after 10mins, I got my hipower binoculars out, when I focussed in, thre were red, blue , pink, white lights on what seemed like a triangle shape, but at one point it changed into ‘ a sausage with wings’, I got my girlfriend to look, she is watching it as I type, been watching for 40mins now, never seen anything like this, I didnt know what to think of UFOs but seeing is believing


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Updated: October 7, 2014 — 9:06 pm


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  1. Which direction were you looking in and how far above the horizon was the object? Your sighting seems consistent with a bright star or planet, but it’s difficult to confirm or eliminate this without more information.

  2. Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

  3. ‘ a sausage with wings’ Could be transformer! You saw this at 2130 hrs?

  4. All said and done, Nemo, a ‘sausage with wings’ is a pretty decent description of a regular airliner….

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